Solar Grail Necklace


Sterling Silver and Quartz Crystal Necklace inspired by the solar grail crown of Isis. The crystal is personally energized by Jonette to hold the energies of the solar disc and grail codes and to enhance Soul Body Fusion®.


This handmade crystal and silver pendant brings together the energies of the Solar Disc into the vessel of the Grail as a symbol of our fused divinity–Soul into matter. The design indicates our ‘Christed’ or inspirited self. It is the same symbol found in ancient Egypt as the crown of Isis, Hor us, and Hathor–the sign of the gods. We are claiming our divinity when we wear this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The Solar Grail is the sign of Soul Body Fusion®–a process of bringing our full light into our body. It is also a symbol of the merging of the Sun Disc energies of Lemuria with the Grail Codes of Atlantis.

Description: Handmade of sterling silver and quartz crystal. The pendant is approximately  3/4″ wide x  1″ tall with a 1/2″ diameter quartz crystal on a 17″ sterling silver chain.

We offer a bulk discount for Soul Body Fusion® practitioners please contact us for details.



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