Soul Body Fusion 2020 Practitioner’s Certification


Deepen your own divine soul connection while being certified as a Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner

Video replay recorded on the 2020 Summer Solstice Weekend via zoom.

This is a Recorded Zoom Workshop. A link to a password-protected Class Page can be found under Downloads in your User Account or in your Order Information email. The page contains links to the zoom replay for you to download the video, audio & chat.

Soul Body Fusion® Certified Practitioner Course

Solstice energies!

Deepen your own divine soul connection while being certified as a Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner. This course gives you the experience of several Soul Body Fusions® while learning how to do fusions on yourself and others! 


About Soul Body Fusion®

The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond

Soul Body Fusion® is a simple process you can do on yourself and others that re-aligns the body at a cellular level with the highest possible light frequencies you can hold. It enables you to embody your divinity. SBF is often the first step in deep healing and rapid spiritual growth. The changes are permanent and never-ending.


Why do we need it now!

Especially during difficult times, we stumble along in stress and without the full power and presence of our spirit. When body and soul are misaligned you can’t be the divine-human you are meant to be. Life’s traumas, abuses, and disappointments can cause the energetic frequencies of soul and body to be out of synch. This course is a must-have for anyone who wants to be fully present and integrated with their spirit-self. These Fusions are powerful — enabling profound life changes, physical and emotional healing, a sense of groundedness, and being fully at home in your body.


Couse Details

During the two days together you will learn the origin and process of Soul Body Fusion®. Jonette, the founder of Soul Body Fusion®, discusses why it is needed now and shares some incredible stories of the results. Most people feel physical or emotional effects during the first 10 minutes! Jonette demonstrates the procedure and leads you through the experience and practice of a Fusion. SBF is effective to do on your own, on others, on animals, or on the world. It makes you a greater version of YOU! This course is designed to be used with the Soul Body Fusion® book as a reference.


Day 1, Part 1

What is Soul Body Fusion®? It’s about being whole. Most people are disconnected from their body, and Jonette shares examples of why and how we’ve become disconnected and what to do about it. “Being whole is our natural state. We were born to be embodied divinity.” She tells how Soul Body Fusion® began and leads a brief experience of body and soul reconnection. You experience a “Himalayan Heart Activation.”  You’ll witness a demonstration of a Soul Body Fusion® session with a volunteer.


Part 2

You’ll learn the simple process of doing SBF on another. Now it is time to practice giving and receiving a Soul Body Fusion® with a partner on zoom. We’ll share experiences and learn what to expect. Your overnight homework will be to do a SBF session with a friend or relative before our meeting the next day.


Day 2, Part 3

Share what you’ve learned as Jonette answers questions on how to do Fusions on yourself, on animals, remotely, and on the world in general. Learn the mystical background of Soul Body Fusion® including Jonette’s connection in Malta to the Atlantean goddess Ashtatara, who had been waiting for 18,000 years to give humanity a message and activate the “Grail Codes” within our DNA.


Part 4

You’ll share stories of healings, learn about “bio photons” and cellular coherence. Helping you understand the higher realms you are able to embody now. Jonette gives follow-up comments and instructions for how to move forward as a Soul Body Fusion® Certified Practitioner. As a special treat you will receive a Summer Solstice Activation.


Read the SBF Book, as it is the handbook for this on-line course.

To be a Certified Practitioner it is important to read the Soul Body Fusion: The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond book by Jonette Crowley, available in hardcopy or PDF on our website. It is also available in 11 other languages. (Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, and Estonian.)


Soul Body Fusion Certified Practitioner Certificate

Once you have confirmed that you have completed this online course, read the book and have practiced Fusions on yourself and at least 5 others you will be a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner. Please email us at and we will email you a printable SBF Practitioner Certificate.


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