Celebration of Oneness for the Sirius New Year (July 26, 2017)

A Celebration Welcoming the Sirius New Year (Takurua-a-Mere)

Wednesday, July 26th 2017 is the Sirius New Year on the Western Calendar.

 Rose Pere, a New Zealand Maori Elder, is asking for people around the world to connect in peace,  especially acknowledging our inner Sun… on this day… July 26… The date Sirius and our Sun rise together. This event symbolized a New Year to the Egyptians, Incas, the Mayans, and the Maori ancestors.

Please join the me in the worldwide, cross-culture Takurua-a-Mere ceremony.  I will be connecting from the southern part of Iceland to everyone around the world.  –  Jonette



Kia ora Whanau…

may I greet our Family from the Four Directions, who like me, celebrate the Takurua-a-Mere / Sirius New Year. So many of you have been coming to Waikaremoana, to celebrate the Sirius New Year, with the spirit of a traditional Maori Ceremony, that has been transmitted by our ancient people…Nga Uri-AMaui, the Matriarchal side, of our Patriarchal Kin, the Egyptians. The Egyptians like us, celebrate the same New Year.

The 2018 Sirius New Year, adds up to “11” which is the Godhead doubled. This New Year Celebration is of special significance and requires all of us to perform this ceremony in our individual home areas. Those of us who come from New Zealand should be able to cover the Eastern, Southern, Western, and Northern areas of the country. Likewise, there are those of us who can cover other parts of Papatuanuku, Earth Mother, in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

I am being guided by Spirit for all of us to support each other as ONE in regard to welcoming the 2018 Sirius New Year, by holding the New Year Ceremony in our own communities, in New Zealand, and the World Community. Like you, I uphold the Spirit of Oneness, from the “Wharepure O Te Kotahitanga / the Pyramid of Unity”, in terms of the Spirit. I must admit that since you have all been coming to our Takurua-A-Mere Celebrations, we have shared many beautiful gifts, including healing, bonding, uplifting the Spirit of Unity, Oneness, Unconditional Love, and so help me, you have spoilt me, to bits! However, for this coming New Year Celebration, I have to forget about myself and help support those of you who come from other parts of New Zealand and the world, to have this particular Takarua-A-Mere/ Sirius New Year in your own Communities with family and friends.

The Ceremony is one that acknowledges RA / the CENTRAL SUN, as being paramount to welcoming and blessing the Sirius New Year. For those of you who cannot remember or chant the incantation that I always do as part of the ceremony, you can do the following in a language of your choice:

Face the East, singing the following song to uphold the Spirit of Oneness,





(Note: Below is a YouTube video of Rose singing her song AIO/Love Peace Joy to the Universe)

This Song, like the incantation that I do, encompasses the Oneness and embraces the Four Directions… firstly the East, secondly the South, thirdly the West, fourthly the North and then returning to the East for the final proceedings. Participants can sit in a semi-circle, and share their thoughts, through speaking, singing, dancing, or playing instruments, in regard to celebrating the New Year, starting from the left hand side. Since the year 2000, people from a cross range of cultures who take part in this Takurua-A-Mere / Sirius New Year Celebration, have been made welcome to share culturally, after the ceremonial formalities. Make sure you have someone taking photos etc. of the sunrise, the whole celebration, so that we can share the outcome of this particular New Year Celebration, at a Gathering back here in Waikaremoana, at a later date.

The only group who will have everything in Maori from beginning to end this year, will be Waikaremoana, because it will be only those of us who belong here, and a small group of people, who have been involved with me, since 1994, and are truly conversant with our language and traditions, that will be here to uphold and send out the 2018 Takurua-A-Mere / Sirius New Year Spirit of Celebration to the Universe which includes the World and Sirius, like the rest of you in terms of your own Cultures and Communities. We already have people who have offered to hold this 2018 New Year Ceremony and Celebration in Australia, the USA, Greece, France, and Canada, and I’m sending this message to our Egyptian Whanau.

May I share some in house information and insight with you in regard to our psyche. For example, and your interest, our vowels uphold the following sacred vibrations:-

Mother is A (ar as in far), Child is I (ee as in see), Father is O (or as in for) Earth is U (oo as in too) Heavens is E ( e as in egg). The incantation that I do to the Four Directions, is as follows:-

AIO WAIRUA, ka nui te aroha, mo koutou ( Divine Mother, Divine Child, Divine Father Spirit in ONE, I have a great love for YOU. )

The ordinary meaning of “AIO” is peace, and tranquility, but the sacred meaning, s, as stated above.

Kia tau te Rangimarie, te Aroha, te Koa me te Pono, ki roto ki te Aorangi-i-i (May we have a Universe of Peace, Love, Joy and Truth),

Nga tino whakawhetai mo nga manaakitanga, tohutohu-u-u  (We thank you for your blessings, and guidance.)

Kia whakahirahiratia, nga mea e tikaana ki i a koutou-ou-ou ( May we uphold and extol everything that abides within you)

Kia whakahirahiratia te Mana Ahua ake o ia Iwi, ia Tangata –a-a (May we uphold and extol the absolute uniqueness of each Nation, each Person).

Ko te Kura nui, ko te Kura Roa, ko te Kura Tuhae Po- o-o (Tis the Immense Violet Flame, the Infinite Violet Flame that Stands Forth)

I love you all so much, for Humanity is Whanau/the Family, whom we call… Ngati Ra/The Living Breath Of The Central Sun. Like my Elders and Mentors, I am here to serve you, to serve Ngati Ra /Humanity.

Nga tino manaakitanga tawharautanga mai i nga Atua Kotahi Ke, ki i a koutou katoa.


Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere


p.s.  For my “Birthtime”, just continue to embrace me with your Love… I’m ageless. xxx Rose.