Soul Body Fusion Romanian Edition is now available!


I am so very pleased to introduce our Romanian version of the Soul Body Fusion book!

Soul Body Fusion is also available in eight other languages as well:  Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, German, Dutch, Polish and English.

To Purchase a copy, please go to

For your interest, I am including a link to a video that was made last year when I was in Romania speaking at the Atlantykron Conference. It is in English and it includes a demonstration of Soul Body Fusion.

 "The SBF has opened new doors for me . . . doors I never even knew existed. For the first time ever I experience myself as pure innocence; every deed is purely driven by love!! Laughter has been my companion as I realized that I am what I have spent a lifetime trying to be. The Soul Body Fusion technology has allowed me to see that I already am heaven (my soul) on earth (my body). My self-image has shifted from weak human to amazingly empowered divine messenger . . . just an astounding experience!"


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