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Soul Body Fusion® Teachers in Poland

Soul Body Fusion® Master Teachers

First NameLast NameEmail AddressWebsitePhone Number
KatarzynaGwiazdowska[email protected]
EwaFoley[email protected]

Contact Ewa or Katarzyna for information on how to become a Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher.  Katarzyna teaches courses in both Poland and Belgium.

Soul Body Fusion® Certified Teachers

First NameLast NameEmail AddressOther
AlinaStrzelczyk[email protected]
AndrzejGabiński[email protected]
AnetaMichalakatena[email protected]
AnnaMigdał-Szalankiewicz[email protected]Teaches in the UK
AnnaNiżyńska[email protected]
Anna Szurlej [email protected]
AnnaWięcaszek[email protected]
AdrianaKarima[email protected]
Beata Krysta[email protected]
BeataWasiluk [email protected]
Bozena Gawrzyńska[email protected]
Elżbieta Piotrowska[email protected]
Ewa Gawłowska [email protected]
EwaFoley[email protected]
IwonaArtamonow [email protected]
Jadwiga Górnicka[email protected]
JustynaKiełpińska[email protected]
Justyna Prucnal [email protected]
KatarzynaGwiazdowska[email protected]
KasiaKupczyk[email protected]
KatarzynaElder[email protected]
KatarzynaStankowska[email protected]Teaches in the UK
MagdaKarpińska[email protected]
MałgorzataLeszczyńska[email protected]+48 602 450 767
Malgorzata Łuj-Golinelli [email protected]
MariaWalczyńska - Rechmail[email protected]
MaciejWroński[email protected]
MartaCzech[email protected]Teaches in the Netherlands
MichalGodlewski [email protected]
MonikaBrożek[email protected]
Monika Staśkiewicz[email protected]
Monika Tuora[email protected]
Tamara Karnawalska[email protected]
Victoria Walesa[email protected]