Soul/Body Feedback

I recently read your book  after I receved your three activations from yourSolstice show on World Puja.

    I did not catch your show live last Sunday, but did listen on Monday morning  from the archives to recieve the Soul-Body Fusion part 1.
    This was an absolutely amazing experience for me!  Thank you immensely for sharing with us at ths level!
   During the first ten minutes I experienced a crackling, sort of electrical energy in the back of my head, neck, and heart areas.  In the seceond ten minute portion, the electricity was in my legs.  Then my entire body felt as if it were filling up with LIGHT!!!  I felt so full of light that I am sure if someone would have cut me with a knife, that I would have bled light along with the blood! 
   Jonette, the book Eagle and the Condor was so personally empowering for me as well!  We are the ones we have been waiting for!   Bless you in all that you are, and the gifts you give to each one who comes into contact with you, even over the airwaves!  I would love to meet you sometime. 

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