Here is how it started.....

At the Quantum Leap Conference in September, 2007, I received the information while I was reading and meditating that many, many people have a frequency for their Soul that is not in harmony with the frequency for their body.


"Hmm," I thought, "this might explain a lot." So I checked in on myself and found that there was certainly a resistance between the vibrations of my Soul and body. I used my skills in the high dimensions that I call “God Consciousness” spaces to locate a place where my Soul and body were in harmony. Then I set that place as my new, harmonious vibration. Of course, when I do these things I'm never sure if anything has really changed, so I told the Universe, "I want CLEAR confirmation if what I did worked." Then I went to breakfast.


The conversation with the people I sat with, whom I had never met before, gave me ringing confirmation. The first thing they said was "You look so radiant this morning!" (No one uses that expression to me unless I've had a huge energy shift!")

Then one of the ladies said something that indicated that I needed to shift. "Jonette," she said, "we loved your talk yesterday, but sometimes your vibration was so high that it didn't always connect with the audience. But several times your energy did come to a place where we could all get what you were saying and projecting. Then you really connected."

What I heard is that most of the time I'm coming from my Soul place and not the Soul / body place that would allow me to easily connect to more people. "Could this be one of the reasons that I haven't been attracting even larger groups?” I thought to myself.

One of the women at breakfast, who is a very gifted clairvoyant and channel, told me that she feels blocked in abundance and in attracting clients.

"Aha, my first practice person. I can try what I did on myself on her," I thought. She was game. The nice thing is that when I did the work with fusing the energies of her Soul with her body -- she could feel the blending.

She was radiant the next day when she told me that the abundance block seems to have moved because people were inviting her to channel! She looked so much brighter!

I practiced my new found technique of Soul  Body Fusion™ on several others at the conference. One woman was in tears as she finally felt her body tingle and come alive with her own Soul's light. She wept in sadness that it had taken her more than 50 years to feel it.  When I worked with another woman to better fuse her huge, bright Soul with her body, I realized that because her Soul and body weren't in vibrational harmony, her body tried to get bigger to hold the immense light of her Soul. The happier she got in life, the bigger her body was getting!

Wow, what if Soul  Body Fusion™ can help in healing, in getting the body to a healthy weight, in helping us attract the physical abundance we want....?? The list could go on....

White Eagle told me that we are strengthening the template of harmony and Oneness between the spiritual and physical. Another way to say it is we are fusing spirit and matter in our bodies and in the world. People are reporting amazing shifts as they become more of the Divine human they are meant to be. I know it will be an important tool in helping humanity move forward in these times of transition. We have spent too much energy trying to escape from the Earth. I believe that our next step toward Enlightenment is bringing our Soul into our body so we can be Enlightened both physically and spiritually. This is another aspect of the work I’ve been doing, bringing together the Solar Disc from Lemuria and the Grail (or vessel) from Atlantis.

This is the Crown of Isis.  It is a symbol of the Holy Grail:  The chalice of the feminine (wisdom) united with the sun of the masculine (will).

Since September, I’ve successfully taught several seminars where the participants can experience a Soul  Body Fusion and learn to do it with others! I’ve been doing countless sessions in person and over the phone—the distance doesn’t seem to matter—having fascinating and clear results.

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  1. Iva Vanlimbergen on July 30, 2009 at 9:36 am

    In 1997 I made a painting and called it ‘Way of my soul”. To my great surprise the painting seemed ‘alive’: clairvoyant friends saw brillant spirals of light pouring out of it and the water I painted move from the right to the left and back. This year i decided to change a bit in the blue of the sky and guess what happenend? In the brushstrokes spontanously appeared a chalice (before the face of a boy (Hermes) climbing upwards to the Golden Flower). I had just been reading Saint Germain’s book Das Tor zur korperlichen Transformation, making clear to me that our body was the grail (mentally clear!). But at this moment, after the Midsummer Conference 2009, I feel glorious because of Jonettes channelling explaining me more and I am feeling it, being it. Yes, it’s great to be on Earth in Body-Soul Fusion!!!

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