Start With God Realization as Your Perspective

Last month I was in Europe teaching a workshop called “Divinity School: The Next Step in Human Consciousness”.  It has been the highest, most powerful workshop I have ever taught.  In the past our guided meditations and journeys began with us as individuals then expanded into a soul space of oneness.  But in October, during a weekend workshop in Oslo, everything turned upside down.  We began with a space that felt like the birth of the cosmos – the birth of all souls.  Then from that wholeness we divided and separated until we experienced our individuality.  Our divinity wasn’t so much achieved or even remembered – it was a given once we changed our perspective from our humanness to start with our wholeness.  It was a HUGE shift in realization for me and for everyone there!  I have in the past been trying to find my god-ness by starting from my small self and then expanding.  Maybe that is all wrong.  Now I understand that we start from our god-realization and then find our indivual self.

Although I understand the concept mentally that we are a soul with a body, rather than a body that has a soul – I never felt it so clearly before.  This has already begun to have an enormous impact on my sense of well-being, even during these difficult times.  We can explore the higher dimensions of God Consciousness and receive initiations that increase our spiritual capacity and potential.  We can change at a core level, finding our power and our soul’s vision.

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