Supporting Yourself in Challenging Times: Guest Blog by Irene Langeveld

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Supporting yourself in challenging times: How to navigate the new energies with more ease and grace

cloudsAs we navigate the new, after-2012 energies, it is crucial that we learn to love and support ourselves on a deeper level than ever before. Everything that no longer supports us is being stripped away at the moment. Many people are experiencing great challenges, are healing fears and old patterns at an astounding rate and feel like they’re in the biggest roller coaster of their life. Yep, that would be me too.
So how can we support ourselves during this time of great global and personal change?

First of all, I’d like to propose that we stop judging ourselves. When we judge our own emotions, we put an extra layer of heaviness on the whole experience which makes it even more difficult. If we let go of our judgment of ourselves and our emotions, things get a whole lot easier. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do things and there is definitely no right or wrong way to grow. So if light cloud 1388590_70465836you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, scream. If you need to hit a pillow, hit a pillow. If you need to be quiet, be quiet. Do whatever it is that you need in this moment to get yourself to the next level. There is nothing wrong with feeling fearful, challenged, or unhappy. And if you can keep in mind that those phases come in waves, literally making way for new periods of happiness and beauty, then it becomes easier to ‘ride the waves’ of whatever is happening in your life. See if you can fully accept whatever it is that you are feeling right now and allow it to wash over you. By allowing it, it can ultimately leave your body and your energyfield. And by completely accepting ‘what is’, you also start to accept yourself on a deeper level.

babyhandsWhich brings me to the next point: practice loving yourself more and more. I believe learning to love ourselves is a life-long, always continuing journey. But we can do it, one step at a time, even if they are baby steps. Start by consciously supporting yourself. You could ask yourself at least once a day: What do I need in this moment? What would make me feel good or even just a tiny little bit better than I am feeling right now? Then give yourself a little time to do that. If you have half an hour, great! If you are busy, just take 5 minutes of “me-time”. You will find that even very short periods of time where you are giving to yourself, will greatly enhance your daily experience. I have found that scheduling these periods of “me-time” really helps to get it into my daily routine. It starts with your intention to take better care of you and to have a moment for yourself in your morning, evening or whenever you can schedule it. Think about when you want to do it, and then do it. And please don’t beat yourself up when you forget or skip it. There is nothing loving about beating yourself up, ever. So let that go and just be your beautiful you. Realize that you are on an amazing journey and that you are already perfectly imperfect. Step by step you are growing and evolving into an even brighter version of yourself.

ImageAnd that’s the last suggestion that I wanted to share with you today: work with the power of your intention. Sometimes when we’re really struggling there’s not much space to think about what we want in our future. However, you can still use your intention to improve your experience in the now-moment. You can ask your higher self for clarity, support, or healing. Just saying sentences like “I ask for clarity on….” or “I ask for healing” or “I choose to let go of my fear of…” out loud can be very powerful and this can immediately shift your energy and your experience.

crossroad signYou can also set your intentions for what you would like to experience in the next phase of your life. I would suggest to do this from a heart-space rather than a mind-space. So first, sit down, ground yourself and take a few deep breaths. Feel your body and allow your mind to calm down. Then move with your attention into your heart. Just be there for a moment, and ask yourself: “what would really make me happy?”. Be quiet and just notice what you think, feel or experience. See what comes to you. Insights and information might come to you immediately or it might take a few days. Also pay attention to the things you read or hear in your daily life. Sometimes there is great guidance in songs on the radio, words that a coworker says, or the words you read in a magazine. Whatever it is, be open and open yourself to the possibility of a brighter, easier future.

Enjoy the journey, every step of the way, for it is a profoundly beautiful one.

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Irene Langeveld offers coaching, soul body fusions® and online courses to help people connect with their true self and live a joyful, heart-centered life. Her passion is to integrate the higher energies into everyday life.

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