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Beyond Self: Beyond Destiny Part I (online/live/downloads)

Beyond Self: Beyond Destiny Part I

In this new trilogy, MARK moves us outside predetermination, regulation, and limitation, enhancing our scope beyond previously programmed possibilities. This is where our vision is guided by the power of imagination and creation. In Part I: Beyond Self we learn to break out from human-based limitation and live from the infinite nature of our Spirit.

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The Universal Human

Embodied Universality Part I: The Universal Human

The 10th Dimension – Embodied Universality Part 1: The Universal Human A blog by Jonette Crowley This piece is edited from MARK’s newest channeled course: ‘Embodied Universality.’  It helps explain the rapid energetic shifts we are all experiencing. MARK calls it a threshold event of breakthrough human cognition. Can you feel the call to evolve?  Those of…

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March Update from Jonette Crowley

“Human consciousness is evolutionary. It changes itself and changes the collective field.” Channeled by Jonette Crowley Learn More About ‘MARK’ CREATING EVOLUTIONARY CONSCIOUSNESS “Human consciousness is evolutionary.” A few weeks ago at our weekly MARK class, something extraordinary happened. First, it wasn’t MARK who greeted us. It was a group of beings, far above the…

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August 21st Solar Eclipse-An Opportunity for Major Human Evolution


“Eclipses are always opportunities for major human evolution… If there are major changes that you need to make, inside yourself or externally, you are supported from now until late December.” ‘MARK’ ‘MARK’ channels about the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse “Duality— shadow and light— aligning during this solar eclipse create a phenomenon that can open…

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