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The Phoenix

Guest Blog by 9 year old Cătălin Oganovici, Romania (translated by Lucian Oganovici) (Note: This story shows us the wisdom of the children. It was sent to me by his mother.) When nothing existed, before light, before life, before existence, God thought to create a beginning. Then He created the Phoenix. The Phoenix was the most…

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Joy! Peace! with Soul/Body Fusion

I went to the Puja worksite and listened to the audio of 8/3.  It was an incredible process to experience.   As I connected to my soul energy I felt such joy.  Higher up at pure consciousness there was peace. On the way down I noticed many of the blockages I had in my body.…

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Thank you for your gift

thank you so much for your gift to us all. Here is my experience. I felt the energy first at my feet that raised and stopped at my base chakra- then was aware of energy pouring into my hands that went to the top of my shoulders and then stopped there.  The energy  at the…

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