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Who is an enemy?

Who is an Enemy? Reflections from the Killing Fields Last month Jonette led a Spiritual Adventure Tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. Her next trip will be to Australia and New Zealand in October/November 2017. These are her thoughts after visiting the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison in Vietnam and the Killing Fields in Cambodia.   Vietnam and…

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VIETNAM & CAMBODIA: Spiritual Mission

“These journeys will be transformational beyond time and space and of great service to humanity because you will be unlocking doors that have waited for a group of conscious travelers to know where the doors are, how to find them, and how to unlock them. It’s been waiting for so many thousands of years.”  …

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Mysteries of Angor Wat

Join Jonette on a Sacred Journey to Southeast Asia in November!   The Home of the Gods? One of the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’ Angkor Wat in Cambodia may be on your ‘bucket list.’ For most of us, Angkor Wat conjures images of an Indiana Jones explorer stumbling through the jungle coming upon giant,…

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‘IF’ and ‘Pearls of Wisdom, Grains of Sand’

IF and Grains of Sand

On the internet lately there has been a ‘chain-letter’ going around asking for us to share some writing that has been inspirational to us. I always go back to the well-known poem ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling. I love its timeless advice on living your own truth, meeting adversity, and just plain being the kind of person…

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