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On Moving From A Girl To A Woman

(Note: I found this letter to myself written in October 1987. I had been living in Australia for five years, and had spent six months traveling through Africa and Europe.…

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Mark: Spiritual Evolution

Q:  Mark, I’m curious as to how you see things from your viewpoint.  Are you still an evolving being, and if so, what are you learning now, as a student? …

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Mark: Parallel Universes

Q:  In what dimension do the Incas, Atlantians, and Lemurians reside, and are we able to meet them on this planet when we have elevated ourselves? A:  When you are…

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How did Governance Become so Binary?

by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2011  The Greek ideal of democracy was leadership by reasonable men (well, it was only men back then), reasonably discussing common issues with the goal of…

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Mark: You Are a Creator of Love

 Feel the goodness of your heart and soul unfettered, that there are no limitations to the goodness you can be and have and hold and receive. There is no dark…

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