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Becoming Self-Activating

Activations as Catalysts Think of them as a kick in the butt from your spirit to move you more confidently forward. Initially you may not even feel an activation, as…

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Still Hitting Resistance and Chaos?

This year 2018—The Year of Activations— brings with it a strong impulse to grow. Yet, inside ourselves we’re still meeting resistance and chaos. For 30 years I’ve watched and researched…

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March Update from Jonette Crowley

“Human consciousness is evolutionary. It changes itself and changes the collective field.” Channeled by Jonette Crowley Learn More About ‘MARK’ CREATING EVOLUTIONARY CONSCIOUSNESS “Human consciousness is evolutionary.” A few weeks…

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What Would Jesus Do?

In the Christian community there has been a movement to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” before saying something or taking an action. I find it’s a good guide to…

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Honor, Clarity and Joy

Meditation at the Temple of Apollo at Didyma in Turkey by Jonette Crowley  At the beginning of our journey in Turkey we were told to watch for a place where…

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