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Through the Looking Glass in Denver

Through the Looking Glass

Jonette channels MARK to move you beyond yourself. This time of transition requires you to live from your higher dimensional self…to live your promise. You leave upgraded, more empowered and able to know yourself at all levels.

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Spiritual Detox in Denver

Spiritual Detox

Feel lighter and renewed at all levels! Jonette uses meditation, energy transmissions and channeling to help you cut through the emotional poisons and limitations we’ve all been carrying

Release, Realign, Re-energize!

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MARK: “The Year of Manifestation” 

The 9th Dimension and ‘Exploring Dreamtime’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley Welcome, overachievers! This is MARK. Oh, we are delighted when we watch you! You are flexing your muscles, testing your mastery and using your wings. Congratulations! Jonette wants us to talk about 2015—the year she calls “The Year of Manifestation.” Manifestation is simply the ability…

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Welcome to 2015 — The Year of Manifestation! 

2015 is ‘The Year of Manifestation.’ It has been more than 70 years since the potential for physical manifestation has been as strong as it is this year. We are ready and supported by the cosmos to move into our power as Creators — designing our life free from the limitations of the collective and…

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