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Living Your Divinity in Copenhagen, Denmark

Living Your Divinity

You are Divine. You have always been Divine. Yet that knowledge has been buried so deeply that most of us have been unable to break through and live that way.  “It is now time for those of you who’ve been given the DNA for change to step out from the comfortable herd and follow the…

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Empower Your Truth and Clarity in Copenhagen, Denmark

Empower Your Vision & Clarity

What would it be like to really trust yourself? …To have well-developed intuition? …To take action with certainty? …To have a strong relationship with your guide or higher self? …To be centered in your own truth? …To have a sense of clarity? …To easily find that space of deep knowing? We’ve reached a point in…

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Merlin the Magician: The Man From the Woods

Guest Blog By Betina Ekman Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out doubt, fear and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter energy into the golden energy of Higher-Consciousness and light of expanding awareness. The first time I met Jonette Crowley, I knew something special…

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Blessings Beloved People of Denmark

Message from White Eagle for the people of Denmark   Channeled by Jonette Crowley Copyright 2009   Blessings beloved friends in Denmark, this is White Eagle.  As I look at the energies of your people and your land, there are two words that come up.  One is urgency and the other is distraction.  It…

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