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The Year of Emergence – 2016

“Trust that you are already enlightened” ‘MARK’ Channeled from ‘MARK’ by Jonette Crowley on Jan. 11, 2016 “Welcome, most Holy Ones, to the ‘Year of Emergence’—a year of vast  awakening.…

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Beyond Duality — No More Secrets

A Stance of Power in this New Age ‘MARK’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley Welcome. This is Mark. Around this planet there are twelve major nodes. Jonette has called them ‘sun…

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You are the Luminous Ones 

A Meditation Channeled From ~MARK~ (Note: Just a few minutes reading these remarkable words with focus will help you travel into human history to experience healing and forgiveness,  finding again…

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A Time for Personal Transcendence

Wings are sprouting even from tired, overburdened shoulders. Grace shines her light on us even when we don’t have a clue. Emotional pains are being understood and released — or…

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