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Israel The Universal Quest for the Divine

Israel tour with Jonette Crowley Ceremony at the Goddess archeological site of Megiddo, May 6, 2015  Channeling from the Atlantean Goddess: Ashtatara We call in the Goddess as we begin our journey— bringing in the Divine Feminine.  I channeled recently that until the Divine Feminine stands strong, the Divine Masculine has no counterpart.  Without the…

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Israel Tour Needs Your Energetic Support

(Note: We are asking you to be part of the support team for this work of light. Please see the itinerary at the end of the blog so you can follow our movements. Thank you for continued support and light.) The scope of our mission in Israel is becoming more clear. The channeled words below…

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Israel Spiritual Adventure Tour May 2015

The Center for Creative Consciousness and Joy Travel present: THE JOURNEY CONTINUES… ISRAEL THE  UNIVERSAL QUEST FOR THE DIVINE, with Jonette Crowley Spiritual Adventure Tour May 5 -14, 2015 (10-days) Option to Petra, Jordan, May 14 – 17 (4 days) 2015 is the year of manifestation, getting clear on our vast potential to change our…

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