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I Was Afraid of Everything…

I Was Afraid of Everything…..
As a young girl I was afraid of everything—especially at night. Planes going overhead sounded like bombs. You might ask how a young Colorado girl even knew what a bomb sounded like. Probably past-life memories— unexplainable traumas that we all carry.) I was afraid of burglars, window-peekers, fires, and especially of witches.

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A Near-death Experience

A Near-death Experience on the Tour Bus in Turkey: The Road not Taken  “The white-haired lady from Australia just passed out at the gate, “one of our group worriedly informed…

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A Near Death Experience… the easy way

As our skill in navigating quantum consciousness grows, we can reach into non-ordinary states that were previously inaccessible. We can travel intentionally through space/time —opening and closing portals, changing timelines…

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