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Near Death Experiences: Preset Exits

Ewa Foley (pronounced Eva), my dear friend and organizer in Poland bicycled quickly and confidently to her morning yoga class in Warsaw last month. It only took an instant miscalculation…

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I Was Afraid of Everything…

I Was Afraid of Everything…..
As a young girl I was afraid of everything—especially at night. Planes going overhead sounded like bombs. You might ask how a young Colorado girl even knew what a bomb sounded like. Probably past-life memories— unexplainable traumas that we all carry.) I was afraid of burglars, window-peekers, fires, and especially of witches.

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A Near-death Experience

A Near-death Experience on the Tour Bus in Turkey: The Road not Taken  “The white-haired lady from Australia just passed out at the gate, “one of our group worriedly informed…

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A Near Death Experience… the easy way

As our skill in navigating quantum consciousness grows, we can reach into non-ordinary states that were previously inaccessible. We can travel intentionally through space/time —opening and closing portals, changing timelines…

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