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WE are Heaven’s Temples

We are Heaven's Temples by Jonette at Kryon Summit Sedona Arizona

Oracle Reading Jonette Crowley Kryon Mega-Channeling Event Sedona, June 2015 Jonette in her Lightbody after her Oracle channeling at the Kyron Master Channeling Event “I speak now not as a…

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The Outing of a “KUMARA”

And the Role of the Divine Feminine and Masculine (Note: This comes from An Oracle Evening I did in the Netherlands in October. Although I’ve known myself as a Kumara…

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Honor, Clarity and Joy

Meditation at the Temple of Apollo at Didyma in Turkey by Jonette Crowley  At the beginning of our journey in Turkey we were told to watch for a place where…

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Soul Body Fusion® Questions and Answers

The next level, working with addictions, helping special children… (Note: This was recorded in Oslo in Feb. 2014.  Jonette offers Soul Body Fusion® sessions via Zoom.  Click here to sign up.)…

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