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Final Update from an Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone

Danish nurse and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner volunteers at an Ebola clinic. Follow her story, share it with others Guest Blog by Tine Dideriksen (The blog is taken from emails from Tine to Jonette) I have left Sierra Leone and have returned home. Actually I returned home while being in Sierra Leone. Home to my…

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Darkness in a Different Light and Destruction and New Order

Reflections from the 9th Dimension Classes Channeled from ‘Mark’ Guest Blog by Feichi Shih (Note: Feichi attends our weekly ‘Mark’ group in Denver. Her insights are concise and may be helpful to you too. If you would like to order the audio or the transcripts of these classes click here.) “Radiant Brilliance and Velvety Darkness” …

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The Enlightenment Quiz

10 Ways to Know When A Breakthrough Is On Its Way! Guest Blog By Randy Ferguson The notion of enlightenment, conjures images of an old sage perched upon a mountain top.  In flowing robes he or she preaches life altering wisdom to the masses. I’d like to share a more practical perception.  Consider the possibility…

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