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Ancient Wisdom from 'MARK', a channeled meditation from Bosnia

Last month Jonette led a group of 40 healers, lightworkers and spiritual adventurers to Bosnia’s Valley of the Pyramid.  The group toured the pyramids, tumulus and tunnels experiencing the electromagnetic and healing energies of the ancient pyramids.  On the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, Jonette held a meditation–tapping into the powerful energies of September’s eclipse.  She also did a…

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Mysteries Un-Earthed

MARK Channels about Underground Cities in Turkey,   and the Bosnian Pyramids by Jonette Crowley Copyright 2014  “There is a great awakening of the Golden Plasma Grid. This brings a new realignment, an opening with inner earth beings, inner dimensional beings and external stellar beings.  This is a huge realigning that manifests itself in…

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 Pyramids Discovered in Bosnia

(Jonette recently visited these pyramids to do research for her 2015 group tour there.) The Valley of the Pyramids in the town of Visoko, not far from Sarajevo, is the site of a pyramid complex that includes an ancient tunnel system, dated to at least 24,000 years ago! The discovery was made in 2005 by Dr. Semir…

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