2019 The Golden Dragon

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What MARK says about The Golden Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. As a totem, Dragon is a protector for journeys into danger. In mystical lore, dragons… and serpents… guard the doors to wisdom, keeping away those who are not ready, but providing great assistance for the worthy. Dragons surround you with protection as you move forward,  yet they don’t tolerate those who intend harm. In my own explorations, a dragon guards the third Gate of Heaven—the Fire Gate— of transformation.

The Golden Dragon has always been the most revered of dragons, an imperial symbol. For us this year it means that the gate we are passing through may be difficult, but it is the passage to a higher level of awareness and unity. It is a year for transformation.

If you choose to grow deeply, you can ride the Golden Dragon to your next level and it’s a wonderful ride!  Take advantage of the immense possibilities by working with Jonette and her cosmic guide ‘MARK’ in two fabulous new workshops! ????

Friday 1-day Workshop

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox: Release, Realign, Re-energize!


Feel lighter and renewed at all levels! Jonette uses meditation, energy transmissions and channeling to help you cut through the poisons and limitations we’ve all been carrying.

Have you ever wondered how you can feel lighter at all levels? Being able to thrive in this age of information overload, increasing negativity, and not enough time is critical to our overall health and happiness. Like our body, our subtle levels need regular deep cleaning. Some signs that you can benefit from ‘Spiritual Detoxing’:

You’re unfocused, disconnected from your higher purpose…

You’re not taking good enough care of yourself, body and soul…


You’re doing well, but you KNOW there is another level of clarity, meaning, empowerment and happiness waiting for you…!

Jonette gives activations and guides you in meditations and processes to help you clear. She channels high-dimensional energy fields to lift your vibration, cutting through the spiritual limitations you’ve been carrying. You experience the lighter you, leaving with a new feeling of aliveness, and a program for on-going spiritual detox.


You’ll feel released, realigned, re-energized!

MARK Weekend Workshop

Through the Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass: Who Are You—Really? 


This time of transition is an opportunity to know your higher dimensional self…your promise and your purpose. You leave upgraded, re-wired, more able to live an empowered life based on your own access to universal wisdom. Jonette channels MARK to move you beyond words to exquisite knowing.

The unstable energies of 2019 require you to be more connected to your inner truth than ever before; being balanced at a whole new level. We are at a time of transition. You must “Know Thyself”— naked— in front of the mirror. From here, you move through the ‘Looking Glass,’ letting your higher-dimensional existence make itself known to you.

During the weekend you’ll ask and receive answers:

  • Who am I—Really?
  • What is possible? Or rather, impossible?
  • How can I evolve my universal connection?
  • Where is humanity now?

Jonette, known as “one of the world’s purest channels,” masterfully weaves initiations and discoveries from her sacred journeys around the world with channeling from MARK. The processes and meditations help you see yourself more completely than you’ve been ready to in the past.

 You’ll love what you see!

You’ll be able to create a higher path for yourself, playing in the quantum world of the 10th Dimension—Relativity. Through her channeling and transmissions, she gives you both the vision and experience of what is impossible.

Jonette’s goal is to leave you upgraded, re-wired, more able to live an empowered life based on your own access to universal wisdom. You move beyond words, beyond logical understanding to a quantum space of peace, All-ness, and the exquisite knowing that, All is good in all of creation.


“I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  

Alice in Wonderland


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