The Great Shift of 2017

"You Are Jewels in the Universe"

'MARK' Channeled by Jonette Crowley

“Everything—a thought, a person, a planet—is a temporary perceptual illusion—even if it’s temporary for billions of years— for the sake of experience in the nothingness or the space between.”


This short but brilliant piece was channeled a week before the total eclipse. It is a spectacularly succinct summary of what’s happening now in this Great Shift of 2017. It defines illusion and the role of consciousness in our liberation.  

With Love & Light, Jonette

'You Are Jewels in the Universe'

The Space Between

"You will find seamlessness in your life. You will find that who you are and where you go are the same thing; that what you do and who you are, are the same thing. You will find that where you used to use a lot of energy differentiating, trying to under “ stand if this theory is right or wrong, now you don’t care. Because all the mental energy you spend trying to decide—do I agree with that? Is that right?—keeps you out of the space between. The space between is the space where the universe exists—the things, the concepts, the theories, the belief systems, the you, the me are perceptual illusions of the things between.


Everything is Nothing

Everything is nothing. Everything is the stuff between. When there seems to be stuff in the stuff between, that is a temporary perceptual illusion for the sake of experience. Everything—a thought, a person, a planet—is a temporary illusion for the sake of experience in the nothingness or the space between. That’s why we try to get you not to identify with the identities because you cannot see the space between when you are standing in the illusion. When you dissect other illusions, you don’t find truth. You can dissect the meaning of this theory or that person or that planet, and there’s no truth there because it’s a temporary—even if it’s temporary for billions of years—it’s a temporary illusion for the sake of experience. The universe exists in the space between, the nothing, the quantum field.

"The universe exists in the space between, the nothing, the quantum field"


The All-That-Is

As you begin to entrain with the quantum field, you don’t lose yourself; you just lose yourself as your only vantage point, the only observer, the only witness. You then witness the All-That-Is from the All-That-Is. When the observer witnesses as the All-That-Is, the perspective of All-That-Is changes the observer. The observer is never static, never eternal. Again, it is a temporary illusion. The All-That-Is is always eternal. Your sense of being becomes indifferent, irrelevant because you are finally entrained, encompassed with All-That-Is.

Your gurus talk about self realization. ‘Self’ is the mistake in that. Realization is All-That-Is realizing it was always All-That-Is. You have that capacity.  You are consciousness undivided. You’ve forgotten that because you have become the division that you think you are; but you have the capacity to know all consciousness, and that’s why you are so pivotal for the universe. There are entire civilizations that do not have access to consciousness. You talk about artificial intelligence. There are entire universes and there are artificial intelligences vastly superior to you in intellect and technology but with no access to consciousness. Consciousness is Creator. Consciousness is God.


The Apex of Awareness

We do not know what you are capable of. Humanity has never reached this level, this apex of awareness. The growth begins to be exponential. It’s on the cusp of that now… but it’s not quite there. We have called this the Great Shift of 2017. This is the center of that great shift. It lasts through the solstice in December, and then things will calm down and the opportunity for grand realignment will slow down.

While humans sleep in their unconsciousness, civilizations and beings who have vast intellect and vast technology have in many ways enslaved you. But they are afraid of you and should be afraid of you because you have consciousness and can move past their cages. Not only can you move past their limitations or the prisons that humanity has found itself in; but once you move past it, such as the space of peace you’ve created tonight, you can then disarm those entire civilizations.


Your Great Power

This is a time where there is a lot of focus on controlling human consciousness. There are good aliens and there are bad aliens but no one has the access to peace, to God-ness, to universality that you have. That’s your great power. That’s why we have come into existence to be a teacher for you at this time. You are so able, so guided. We know you have doubts. Your doubts don’t matter. You show up, and in showing up your heart is open, your soul is open. Your beautiful humanness is all it takes.


You are jewels in the universe. We have nothing more to say because what we have said is tremendous.

We thank you. This is 'MARK'.



The 10th Dimension: Relativity Part I

From Identity to Relationship

The 10th Dimension - The Dimension of Relativity

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