The Heavens are Supporting our Transformation – Guest Blog by Birgit Junker

(Note from Jonette: To help everyone best utilize the potential for upgrading and integrating that is available at this time, I will be doing a joint webcast with Norwegian spiritual teacher Kjetil Andre Jacobson on the day of the Solar eclipse, April 29. More details will be on my website in early April. Thank you to Juliana Boneva for exceptional artwork. and to Birgit Junker for her article.

At the end of March, because of the powerful rebalancing of the equinox, there is a potential for re-evaluating everything that we are doing and for realigning our energies, shaking off all the old, being confident as we step forward. In April there is a Lunar eclipse on the 15th and a Solar eclipse on the 29th. 

From April 22 to May 10 there will be a beautiful stellar event— a Grand Cross and a Square—  in which all major planets, all opposing planets form a perfect square with a cross inside seen from an astrological point of view. This is very much anticipated as it means the potential for everything such as chaos, grace, service, freedom, power/might, and achieving our dreams are strengthened. There also seems to be a high potential for conflict because all the different influences converge as the planets with their powerful energies come together to build this astrological pattern. Such times can be challenging. Concepts and structures that humanity has relied  on (politics, economics, food, distribution, whatever) can change quickly. It is important to trust yourself, as all these changes are what we’ve been asking for and waiting for. 

OrbAfter May 10th, everything will move forward and the potential is high for the integration of the New Earth, as well as doing our own integration— self, divinity, love of self, etc..

Dr. Douglas Davis, in a recent presentation, reminded us that Pluto is a big "Awakener" and Jupiter a “Magnifier, " while Uranus is power and might. What this means is that if someone uses power that is not based on Truth, it won't work anymore. This will be magnified so the inappropriate use of power is very clear. Actions not based in Truth cannot hide anymore, they will be exposed and seen. We all will have to deal with our darker stuff rather than hide it like before. On May 9th the alignment in the heavens looks like a cosmic ‘Star of David’ — as above so below. This assists us in our greater integration. This is a great time of wonderful potential and heavenly support on all levels.

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