The Light and Power of Love

More than a decade ago I had the pleasure of teaching “Awakening Your Light Body” and Mark’s work to a very special man who happened to be living with HIV.  Steven had been a drug addict and homeless before he wandered into a White Eagle evening I was having at a book store.  Although he was down and out and sometimes confused, he had an unmistakably angelic aura about him.  For years he attended my classes for free.  His light and honest wisdom always added to everyone’s experience.

 Last night I was going through some old files and I found a letter that Steven had written to the HIV virus.  It may bring a tear to your eye as it reminds you of our power.

Steven lost his battle with AIDS many years ago, but through his remarkable spirit he can still hold our hands and show us the way to compassion.  (For those of you who have listened to Mark’s early CDs on “Lifting the Veils”, you will hear Steven’s wisdom as he dialogues with mark.)

  Dearest HIV Virus,

 Since you first became known to me I was scared of you, for others who had you in them were dying horrible deaths.  So, when I learned you were inside me I was afraid you would kill me, for I did not know who you were or what you were about.  I thought you came into me to punish me, for I thought that I was a bad person.

 I do not want you to make me sick, for I know that I can learn from you, and I need to know what it is that you need for me to give to you so we can become friends.  I think like all who have come into my life as teachers, once I have learned from you what you came to teach me you can go away or be something else to me.

 So, what do you need?  What do you wish for me to do?



 Dearest Steven,

 Love me.

 I am afraid of you!  Why are you afraid of me?  When I came into you, you said you hated me.  Please don’t hate me.  I did not choose to come here.  I was sent on a mission to save you.  I am a mirror to your deepest, darkest fears.  I have come to mirror these fears to you so you can see them, for you were blind to them before. Yet still they were hurting you, but you could do nothing about them for you were unaware of what they were.  So, I came to mirror how threatened you were as a mission from God to help you see your fears and to see that your fears were not real.

 I want you to love me – your terror, your hopelessness, your anxieties – all that block you from releasing the greatness of who you really are.  That greatness in you has been released and you see it more now.  The light is the real you.  I only mirror the darkness.  So let the light of love grow stronger within you, and then the mirror of who I am will fade away.  The darkness will disappear by the power and faith you give to the light of power you truly are.

I want you to stop hurting yourself – stop inflicting pain by the guilt of what you’ve seen in the mirror.  Stop blaming those that taught you or passed on their fears to you.  It all only happened to wake you up to the love child you truly are.  You always deep down inside felt you were fashioned for greatness.  You knew your potential, your talents.  But one potential – your true greatness – eluded you.  And that was your love.

You did not listen to your love – the light messages that always you’ve been receiving.  You bought into the darkness and still you did not believe.  Yet still the messages of the dark were so loud you began to believe in the lies.  And the messages of the love and the light – your true strength – began to dwindle and fade by listening to the fears of the dark.  You began to think they were you.  So you began to close down the force of love and light and gave action to your fears.

 So I came to wake you up to the nightmare of your daydream – to wake you up to the love you really are, as a mirror of threatening evil – your most fearful pain.  The kind of pain that eats men alive.  So live for the truth of who you are.

Every time you see the fear and feel the pain of it, know it is only me telling you to look the other way, to shine the light of who you are on the pain.  And the pain will be transformed to the joy of your love directed toward me.  Be glad for me, for I have come to save the real you.


 HIV Virus


  1. Narelle Telford on July 29, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Once again you speak true wisdom, thank you.

  2. Kicki on December 22, 2010 at 11:11 pm


    This story moved my heart in an undescribable way. My tears couldn´t stop coming. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as this story came to me in a very special time of my life. Thank you for being you and sharing your wisdom.


  3. Constantina on November 11, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    I really love reading and listening to you and your channelled wisdom every time…

    Blessings and bliss 🙂

  4. hannah on November 10, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you Jonette as always for reminding me. This letter is not just for HIV but also for poverty.
    Thank you Mark for giving light to our ever so dark world.

  5. Lisa Rislöw on November 9, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you Jonette for sharing this beautiful story. From Kaos there is always something good coming out from it. Im also know that now <3

  6. Sonya Margareta Nordberg on November 9, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Yes, embrace the dark and love it, Im beginning to understand that know .Thank You Jonette for sharing! Love & Light to you!

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