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Soul  Body Fusion™




with Jonette Crowley

author of “The Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey”


  • Do you sometimes feel that your soul and your body aren’t in synch?
  • Do you feel ungrounded or not fully present?
  • Do you know that you should have more energy and vitality, but can’t get there?

 Most of us have beautiful souls and light bodies but are unable to bring it fully into our physical body. We live our life with our lights half on, unable to magnetize the health, wealth and well-being that is our birthright. The frequency of our soul and the frequency of our body are more often than not, misaligned. We might experience resistance between the two, or outright conflict and disassociation. This occurs because of life’s traumas, abuses, grief and disappointments. Our soul longs to be somewhere else and our body stumbles along without the full power and presence of our spirit.


Can you imagine how it will feel to have the frequency of your Soul and Body fully and permanently joined together, as they are meant to be?


Experience this remarkable process for yourself with Jonette Crowley. The most exciting part is that in addition to experiencing the Soul  Body Fusion™ yourself, you will learn how to do this on others!


We are so very excited about the possibility of helping ourselves and others really, really belong to our bodies. We’ve had AMAZING results in our sessions so far!!



Soul Body Fusion

Ancient Energies Assisting Our Earth Journeys.

By Jonette Crowley


A sacred valley in Peru, the Sun Disc of the Incas, Lemuria, Malta, Grail Codes and DNA. What do these ancient symbols and locations have to do with assisting us with our present day earth journey? The answer to this question began to unfold on my journey to Peru in 2004. There in a cave, I was given a spiritual initiation that opened up the codes of the Sun Disc of the Incas. These encoded energies of pure wisdom contained esoteric knowledge that had been hidden by spiritual sages in the long forgotten past; hidden through the ages until humanity is once again ready for such spiritual power. I was taken on an inner journey to a pyramid that housed a huge, golden, glowing disc that radiated energy codes and keys. The wisdom wasn’t contained in scrolls but in vibrational energy packets that downloaded into me as I commanded “Our people are ready for the next level of activation. I have come to receive the codes for our people.” I believe these sacred energies originated in the time of Lemuria and were known by the Incan priesthood.

 Three years later, 2007, my guidance led me to the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. These islands, not too far from Sicily, have some of the oldest stone temples in the world—older than the great pyramids in Egypt, older than Stonehenge. Many say that Malta and the sea around it contain temples that are proof that it was an administrative and power center for the civilization of Atlantis. What we found there was the partner to the Sun Disc energies, the missing half for humanity’s enlightenment. We found the Atlantean secret: the Grail Codes. These are the energies, also hidden for many thousands of years, which activate our physical body and DNA to instantly evolve to hold more of our divine light.

 The Grail Codes are the other half of the codes of Light that I received from the Sun Disc of the Incas/Lemuria when I was in Peru. They are latent in everyone and need to be awakened when the consciousness of the person is ready. Together with the Suns Disc energies, the Grail Codes create a platform that represents a half-way step between current human consciousness and an enlightened state. The Grail is a vessel, it symbolizes our physical body—that part of us that holds our divinity in human form. Awakening isn’t merely experiencing high levels of spiritual Light, but also containing and integrating the light of our soul into our physical body and physical world. The Egyptians and early mystery schools understood the significance of Grail and Sun Disc combined. After all, the symbol of integration of spirit and matter; light and form; solar disc and vessel was the crown of the gods. When the Sun Disc energies and the Grail Codes are awakened, WE are the new gods of Light! So this activation is a huge event for all of us!


 If you would like a Soul  Body Fusion™ session over the phone with Jonette please call (303) 689-9318 or go to to schedule. A session is $150.

 Soul  Body Fusion™ is a trademark of Jonette Crowley and the Center for Creative Consciousness



  1. Horusra on June 23, 2011 at 10:09 am

    SuperHorusra This year is very speical , it’s encoded in the pyramid ! 481 the height of the pyramid times 12 of the zodiac = the jewish new year 5772, 29th of September 2011 . Spread the good news !

  2. Anne Järventie on August 28, 2008 at 9:33 am

    After the Soul body fusion workshop everything has been different. I feel my soul looking trough my eys and the processes for others have been incredible.
    This changes everyones ability to contain light and do for exc. energywork of everykind.
    Thank you universe for this blessing.

  3. Jonette Crowley on August 27, 2008 at 2:14 am

    I believe that Soul / Body Fusion and soul retrieval are different. Soul / Body Fusion prepares your body for your Divinity to descend fully. Many people feel as if their inner electrical circuitry has been completely rewired. This creates the space for your entire Soul to enter and to anchor permanently. Soul retrieval is often focused on soul aspects of yourself that have fragmented in this and past lives. Fusion brings in the full aspect of your Divinity and begins a never ending process whereby your soul continues to move more of its power and light into your body.
    Blessings to you and to all who are trying this amazing spiritual technology!

  4. Terese Lintz on August 24, 2008 at 8:43 am

    I feel such a calibration of my soul and body vibrating together when I do this. This is astonishing as all I was aware of in the past was “Soul Retrival” and working with a shaman to do this procedure. Jonette, do you feel that Soul/Body Fusion is as powerful as Soul Retrieval or are they completely different from one another? Do you do anything with Soul Retrieval? Can I combine Soul/Body Fusion with Soul Retrieval for optimal benefits?
    Jonette, I, like so many am so grateful to have been led to you by the Universe. I love the powerful conviction in your words as you speak with such a loving, kind voice. Your inner brilliance is astonishing and I am thrilled to even know you.

  5. Tahlia Jalien Shandler on August 17, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Aloha All!

    I am enjoying the soul/body fusion on very much.
    During the first activation, I felt a lot of energy and physical reactions in all of my body’s weak points.
    During the second, I also felt a great deal of lovely energy and I saw/felt some of my soul levels stacked up, like pallets at a building supply store, except that they were metal, made of small black cylindrical spirals. Now that my basic soul level is fully anchored in my body, these other soul levels can come in and they did, effortlessly and in one thought whosh. There were at least six of them!

  6. anizhooda on August 17, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    i just did your 2nd phase on soul/body fusion. I felt really present in my body and even when you mentioned the coccyx, I related to that and then felt I was fully connected. I felt in the 2nd half of the session, very intense energy flowing down from the crown to the feet. It connected to all the chakras. I felt intense sensation in my sexual energy as well. At the end of the session I felt my neck turn to the left and upwards. I feel grounded now and present in my body. Thank you.

  7. Yamira Gottwaldt on August 11, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    Hi Jonette, thank you for your invitation to a 1-day-workshop over the internet on August 17th. I would like to attend yet could not find how to enrrol and what the internet cost will be. Please let us know how to proceed – I may not be the only one having this question…Many.Thanks and much Love
    Yamira, Hamburg, Germany

  8. jcccc on August 7, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    This was an absolutely amazing experience for me! Thank you immensely for sharing with us at ths level!

    During the first ten minutes I experienced a crackling, sort of electrical energy in the back of my head, neck, and heart areas. In the seceond ten minute portion, the electricity was in my legs. Then my entire body felt as if it were filling up with LIGHT!!! I felt so full of light that I am sure if someone would have cut me with a knife, that I would have bled light along with the blood!

    Jonette, the book Eagle and the Condor was so personally empowering for me as well! We are the ones we have been waiting for! Bless you in all that you are, and the gifts you give to each one who comes into contact with you, even over the airwaves!

  9. jcccc on August 7, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I enjoyed your soul fusion transmission. I noticed that my third eye immediately went into action followed by different sensations in my body. I’m looking forward to the next one. Thanks

  10. jcccc on August 7, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    I just listened to your August 3rd World Puja broadcast on Soul/Body fusion and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing!
    I have been doing a lot of work on my own consciousness expansion, and I now realize, and it seems so obvious now, that I am not living my divinity from inside my own physical body! This is new and revealing information.
    In the first part of the fusion process, I definitely had the sensation and awareness of energy moving, melding and merging into my physical body.
    In the second part of the process, there was this divine light coming through. I gently thought to myself, ‘oh, that’s my Christ body merging with me, we are merging as one.’ I understood and felt that.
    Very, cool.
    I feel like I am more centered now, where as before, I didn’t want to be inside my own body, thinking that to experience divinity as a human, my mind needed to be in the higher realms.
    Thank-you truly for such a remarkable download!


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