The Secret of the Human Heart – A Valentine's Day Meditation for One by Cynthia G. Piano

The miracle of the healing heart leads us into the month of February, the month of love, in all its forms.  In the midst of the month we celebrate Valentine's Day.  It is Our Day, Oneness Day, really.  It is the day of all days of the year to relish ourselves, honor ourselves, and seek deep the limitless, guiltless love we have for ourselves.  It is the infinite search to unite the divine masculine and divine feminine in ourselves:  to discover the magic and satiable life of one. 

We capture the sweet scent of truth as it whiffs gently under our noses, wafting up from our hearts.  We know it instinctively.  It is nurturing, nourishing and forgiving.  It allows us to relax, take an outbreath, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It is the ahh of aloha, and the aha of divine revelation. 

The divine revelation, of course, is that we are divine.  We are the whole, sacred, essence of love in a walking, talking miracle of a being.  Whether we believe it, or not, it IS true.  Acceptance of that fact is sometimes difficult to swallow.  With all that is mirrored to us in antithesis of it, we may miss it, or misinterpret it. 

So today, we receive it.  The truth of our being.  The truth of our loving self.  We stand open-eyed, open-armed, open-hearted, and open-willed to accept it--for ourselves, from ourselves, with ourselves.  We are immersed in it, snuggled and safe within it.  It is really, really us!

This is the relationship we desire, attempt to create so many times with external inventions and interventions.  And all we have to do, or think, or feel, or dream, is to just BE.  No cards, flowers or candy necessary.  We are in love with our naked selves, with all our "faults" and "not-enoughs," our "too this's or that's."  We are perfect the way we are THIS VERY MOMENT!

Our human hearts have four chambers, love, peace, harmony and oneness.  All are sacred spaces of joy, kindness, generosity, beauty and abundance.  All refract and reflect the diamond light that we are.  The rainbow colors and bejeweled tones of the cosmos reverberate within, soothing the hiccups of life on the un-sensed earth plane.  We see them now plainly, vibrant, glistening and sparkling with angelic pixie dust--an innate gift of the stars.  We hear them, singing soulfully the unspoken untranslatable words of life as it really is:  Our heaven on earth. 

We are overcome with glee, nearly jumping out of our skin, floating in the ether of our knowingness, with ecstasy and appreciation of all that we are and have.  We have more than enough for ourselves, many times over. 

This is the relationship we dream of, we wish for, we rarely, if ever, see in movies and read in books. 

THIS is the year WE create this feeling for ourselves.  THIS is it!

We have it!  It is our simple secret truth--love IS us! 

We have so much of it ourselves, we can share it freely with all that is.  For it ALL IS our creation, every bit of it.  Our senses hear it, see it, smell it, feel it, taste it, and know it!

It is our choice, this day, to fully accept our love for ourselves and our sacred divinity. 

We declare it, claim it, and own it.


This is the secret of every human heart.

Thus we create THE BEST Valentine's Day EVER!

(c) 2014 Cynthia G. Piano

About the author:  Cynthia G. Piano is a spiritual teacher, healer, writer and spiritual mastery mentor.  She established Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa in 2002, and assists people, animals, and all multidimensional life to experience joy, peace, love and oneness.  To contact her for interview, presentation, CreationShops, or remote spiritual work, please write her at  The Oneness House website is for further information and to contact Cynthia for services.  We are One.

The Artwork is " Sacred Geometry 238 © 2013 Endre Balogh - "

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