Transforming Worry


Transforming Worry

Copyright 2008 Jonette Crowley


“How can I get rid of worry?” was the question that was asked of White Eagle last month in Amsterdam.


“You humans are very bad at getting rid of things. Once you create a void by removing an emotion it gets filled up by an emotion of a similar frequency. Trying to get rid of worry leaves a space that is filled up by more worry, or similar emotions – guilt, doubt, etc. What you always must do is replace the worry with something else—a positive emotion. So please close your eyes and feel the energy of worry in your body. What do you want to replace it with?”


“Trust,” was the student’s answer.


“Okay, feel the energy of trust solidly in your body. Notice that you feel more quiet and more clear, yet ‘trust’ is a passive energy. To replace worry you need a more active energy…such as GRATITUDE. Close your eyes and feel worry replaced with the energy of Gratitude in your body,” White Eagle responded.


“Oh,” said the student. “This feels much stronger as a replacement for worry. Thanks!”


“Remember that worry cannot be removed but must be replaced with a higher energy. When you replace worry with GRATITUDE, the result is TRUST!” was White Eagle’s answer.



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