Upcoming Radio Show:Declaring Your Inner Independence!!! Essentials to Break Free Guest: Randy Ferguson


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Do you experience a gap between where you are now in life and where you want to be?  On my next,  "Journeys with Jonette" Internet Radio Show this Thursday, August 22nd at 11:00 am MST,  I will be talking with author and personal development trainer, Randy Ferguson.  Randy will share a step by step tool for Healing Fear by Shifting How We Relate to Hurt. This process has profoundly accelerated peoples’ ability to close that gap...to literally transform their lives. This work is based on 3 fundamental realizations:  1. That who we are already magnificent beyond words.  2.  Yet even so, our magnificence can be buried beneath fear, guilt, hurt, self judgment, false beliefs, etc...all the stuff we generalize as baggage.    3.  There is a very pragmatic process where the baggage can be dropped and who we are as human beings can be revealed.  This process doesn’t happen over night...but it can indeed happen.

Randy Ferguson bio

Randy is an author of the best-selling book, Outrageously Fulfilling Relationships and Founder of the Love, Courage and Achievement Project (LCA) where he’s led over 1,000 seminars on corporate and personal development. He has personally consulted to over 2,000 individuals. Randy has a business degree and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. His style is engaging and warm.


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