What We Do in the Quietness of our Soul Does Make a Difference!

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I do my best meditations when I can’t sleep.(I’ve finally quit fighting the  sleeplessness, taking it as a ‘call to service.’) But several weeks ago, it was different. I was guided…demanded?… to sit up, go to the highest initiation-like space I've ever been, and pray as big as I've ever prayed. It has been over 5 years since I’ve had a similar request from Spirit. So that night, sitting up in my bed, I deliberately transmitted from that space to everyone I have ever connected to in the world…doing nothing specifically but knowing that somehow people were receiving exactly what they needed.
While I was doing this, my phone in the other room sounded an incoming text message. I NEVER get texts in the middle of the night. “This text will be confirmation for what I’ve just been doing,” I said to myself. After all, I love to expect magic!
Finishing the meditation, I padded out to the other room to read the text. It was from a dear spiritual brother: “My dear dear Jonette. You are so intuitive and so here for me… It is just past 4 am. The  body pain is so much less and the Blessings… are so magnificent. I am so grateful my dearest Jonette. You found me. You prayed. I healed. I bow to you and the Supreme Holy Ones for such Love, Grace, and Compassion.”
See what we can do when we’re not really doing anything but following our inner spiritual urges?
This experience ties to a recent channeled message from MARK.

“Welcome Creators, this is Mark.

"Trust yourself.  When you read or think of something that is negative, fearsome or not right,  imagine that you have the ability to transmit ‘Codes of Caring’ from your heart. Caring is sometimes an easier adjective or emotion to find than love – love is so big, but caring you can feel…it’s personal, it’s tender.  These codes that you can transmit are similar to codes of initiation, or grail codes that you may have received.

“You can ‘repackage’ the initiations that you are, that you hold, and create a stream of emission that we’ll simply call ‘Codes of Caring.’ Stream those Codes of Caring when you do healing, when you want to change the planet, when there’s an earthquake, a flood, or a fire.  It needs be nothing more than a transmission, an emission, an ejection, of Codes of Caring.  They hold Love, Wisdom, and Power, and, as such, they hold Creation.  Don’t get too mental about “what do I need to do?” or “what outcome am I trying to cause?”  Simply hold the intention of these Codes of Caring going out. You might even think about it as a good virus…that can replicate itself.
“Your part is the inception, the beginning, the giving-birth part.  What you’re giving birth to is not actually a Creator’s prerogative.  A Creator creates the seed that then has its own potential.  An acorn – has potential, but where that oak tree grows, and exactly the shape it takes, and exactly how the squirrels live in it… that’s up to the acorn. In the past you’ve believed that you had to know exactly what you’re asking for, exactly what you want to create. We say not to know exactly.  The Codes of Caring have wisdom for their fulfillment, for an unfolding that is much greater than you can imagine.
“Let’s try a transmission, because there’s a subtlety we want you to grasp.  So first, find yourself in a space of grace that is the birthplace of Love, for now we’ll call it Codes of Caring. Feel yourself filled with a life-force essence that includes Love, Wisdom, Power, and these replicable Codes of Caring. Your intention says, “To all realms, whoever is interested now and able to receive these Codes… they are here.”  The replication begins simply with an intention…it’s all on automatic, it’s all subconscious.  You are not deciding where it goes. You are simply making codes available to whomever is ready.
“You might notice that the Caring Codes create a very powerful, magnetic-like field of caring around you…so only caring is radiated from you, and only caring can be received.  The field is so strong that it reorganizes everything into caring.”
To learn more about Jonette’s work and MARK channeled courses on CREATION go to www.CenterforCreativeConsciousness.com
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