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White EagleThis gentle guide is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood, or Brotherhood of Light, a group of spirit beings dedicated to serving mankind’s spiritual awakening. White Eagle works as a speaker of wisdom and light. He first appeared to Jonette in meditation in 1986 when she was living in Sydney, Australia. He brings messages of empowerment, hope and inspiration. The words of White Eagle are filled with the love of the Masters and have aided many in their pursuits of greater understanding and balance in their lives. (Jonette is not in any way associated with the White Eagle Lodge or the work of Grace Cooke.)

White Eagle’s timeless advice, wisdom and teachings can be experienced with Classic White Eagle Meditations by Clicking here.  These are meditations from past White Eagle’s “Pow-Wow’s.

 Testimonials –

“The simple beauty of “Becoming Light” as taught by White Eagle, is he shows me in truth, I am Light and he shows me how to be aware of this truth. Once the knowingness is totally absorbed, I can then live in the Light that I am.”    M.C.,  Colorado 

 “What blessings you have passed on into my life! You have reconfirmed my dreams instead of letting my fears run my life!”    P.W., Wisconsin

“I am amazed at the changes in my life! What a gift! What a great choice! These meditations have a touch that resonates to my truest self. From this space, all things are truly possible.”    C.H., Colorado

 “This is a truly incredible workshop. It was gentle, nurturing and most importantly – the most effective healing process I’ve ever been involved in.” – anonymous – (on the Healing Abuse Workshop) 

I came to the workshop not knowing what to expect. I had a multi-level healing experience unimaginable in any other kind of therapy, and a thorough and gentle soul cleansing of the highest vibration. Thank you White Eagle and Jonette for the foresight and courage to offer this work!” – anonymous – (on Healing Abuse) 

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 “I want to thank Jonette for making a real difference in my life. The White Eagle evening tape is relaxing and gentle. The morning tape has changed the way I feel about myself and my life. Before the tape my days were hectic and relationships strained.  After using the tapes, I really enjoy each day and look forward to them. I feel good about myself and the things I am doing.”    G. B., Colorado

“Jonette, thank you and White Eagle for helping me to reconnect to my inner self.”     K. K., Pennsylvania 

 “The information and advice on health issues that White Eagle gave me were the most accurate and helpful I’ve ever received.”     A.K., Colorado 

 “It’s always uplifting to connect with White Eagle one-to-one. His love and wise counsel teaches me deeply. His light helps to illuminate the path I am on and the truth I seek.”     B. O., Pennsylvania 

 “White Eagle made a simple statement that had an enormous impact – one of the top three peak experiences in my life. It was like the jigsaw pieces of my being were lifted gently and then landed, all at the proper place, giving me a new sense of identity.”    J. F., Netherlands 

 “White Eagle has allowed me to experience miracles. I owe my and my family’s well-being to the fine guidance, support and care that the White Brotherhood has shown me. Because of my readings with White Eagle, I have been helped in immense ways with work, family life, health & illness and love relationships. For me, White Eagle readings give courage, strength and wisdom and help me to find the internal guidance that the higher self is always trying to guide me towards. White Eagle shines hopeful light on the dark path and is a true lifeboat during what we sometimes experience as the tumultuous storms of life. Thank you so very much”   S. D., Spain

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