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White Eagle

ABOUT WHITE EAGLE:  This gentle guide is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood or Brotherhood of Light, a group of spirit beings dedicated to serving mankind’s spiritual awakening. White Eagle works as a speaker of wisdom and light. He first appeared to Jonette in meditation in 1986 when she was living in Sydney, Australia. He brings messages of empowerment, hope and inspiration. The words of White Eagle are filled with the love of the Masters and have aided many in their pursuits of greater understanding and balance in their lives. (Jonette is not in any way associated with the White Eagle Lodge or the work of Grace Cooke.)

TavlaJonette1-1White Eagle has been one of Jonette’s guides for 25 years. In May 2013 White Eagle “retired.”  Jonette said “So many huge changes have happened during our recent spiritual adventure trip to Greece/Crete. Besides closing portals, connecting with the golden Earth grid and raising our own consciousness, White Eagle took the opportunity to retire from the other end of my channel! After our amazing visit to Delphi and some pretty incredible Crete cave initiations, White Eagle announced that I don’t need to channel him anymore. Of course he is still around me but he wants me to stand in my own power and get the information for readings and the energies for meditations without his direct influence. He has taught me well over the past 25 years. In fact, when he first began channeling through me he was quite clear “I will not always be your voice.”

He is still with Jonette and has become her silent partner.  For the last 6 years White Eagle created a monthly meditation that was sent out to our monthly subscribers.  We are now making these past subscriptions available to everyone as CDs or downloaded audio files.

We are starting with making available meditations from 2010, 2011, & 2012.

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Each meditation has a specific topic.  Below are some past classic White Eagle meditations:

Aligning Personal Power – Why honor the solstices and equinoxes? Since the beginning of time man has marked these celestial events with ceremony. Native people still do. When we meditate on these days we connect to the ancestors and to the Earth, sun and stars. The veils are thin. Spiritual portals are open and the power is expanded. You might say, our prayers are more supported.

Alignment for the Golden Age This White Eagle meditation balances and lifts us above duality, where we can align our DNA anew and call forth the Golden Age of humankind. We are the ones we have been waiting for and now is the time. This process should be repeated as the global energies accelerate for the December 2012 Shift.

Blasting Through Limitations – White Eagle guides you to recognize your sacred self and to be happy with yourself.

Confronting Darkness Experience a collective power inferno of light and love. Embrace the darkness with it and feel the world change! Balance feminine and masculine energies throughout the past, present and future, until a spinning vortex of energy is created. Bask in the incredible power of galactic Light. Then feel the Light turn toward you in inexpressible waves of receiving. We end by sitting in a state of cosmic bliss. Not a bad thing to add to your day!

Crystallizing Light for you and the Earth This beautiful meditation builds on the love frequencies generated in August, and lifts you into a light crystallized collective that resembles orbs of consciousness dancing around. It is an especially potent meditation for healing and balancing the Earth and all of humanity during these times.

Deep Earth Connection – In this meditation you will be honoring and connecting with the Mother Earth.  You will connect with her power and her timeless wisdom.

Emotional Balance in Changing Time 2012 is a year of initiation and action. Waiting in the sidelines won’t be supported. We will be asked to follow the truth where ever it goes, even into dark places we didn’t want to see. The result of this is that we need to maintain our clear and strong emotional balance. When we are balanced at our core, then we can expand and take the whole world into a space of harmony. White Eagle talks about expanding rather than hiding behind barriers and boundaries. The meditation is one of infinite peace and strength.

Emotional Clearing – You will learn to receive grace, increase compassion and love and be more of service all while being more soulful.

Energy Field/Body Alignment and Healing – You will have a meditation you can do again and again to bring balance and healing to yourself.

Evening Meditation – A perfect 20 minute meditation for you to unwind at the end of the day.  You can go back and listen to it again and again.

Gateway to Goodness White Eagle guides us to gently and completely open up to the frequencies of great goodness in the Cosmos. This is followed by energies of confidence and holiness. The change you feel is profoundly sweet, yet clear and strong. You will want to do this meditation whenever you wish to lift to a refreshing vision of yourself.: White Eagle guides us to gently and completely open up to the frequencies of great goodness in the Cosmos. This is followed by energies of confidence and holiness. The change you feel is profoundly sweet, yet clear and strong. You will want to do this meditation whenever you wish to lift to a refreshing vision of yourself.

Giving Your Power Away For July White Eagle answers some questions on how we give our personal power away and how we can keep from doing it. He also talks about how we can continually replenish our power. The meditation is one of alignment, presence and of course, POWER!

Fountain of Mastery – Reconnect to an incredible fountain of life force energy. Embrace it, magnify it, and transmit it out to the rest of the world. You will be left in a continuous flow of glory!

Initiation for Illumination – This is out most popular White Eagle mediation by far.  The Initiation for Illumination: Dawn of the 12 Solar Discs is one of the most moving and profound … almost too intense … meditations you can possibly do.

Journey to the Inner Earth – White Eagle’s message and meditation is specifically to help the Earth in these times. We  experiment with connecting to inner Earth crystalline beings. We are given an invitation to move through the doorway into the dimensions of the inner Earth.

Journey to the Temples of the Masters – This absolutely exquisite meditation is a very real experience of being in the parallel reality of Mastery. Remember your immortal self, feeling your boundless illumination and greatness. Visit the Halls of Learning the Cathedral of Crystal Healing and the Gardens of Rejoicing. You will be high in all ways after traveling in this extraordinary inner journey.

Listening to Your Soul  Since so many are doing Soul Body Fusions the question came up, why is it so hard to listen to our soul? White Eagle explained that there are three reasons: 1.Clarity. We don’t trust ourself to hear the truth of what our heart and soul want.  2. Action. We fear the risk of taking action and often do not feel empowered enough to stand up for ourself.  3. Reaction. We are paralyzed by the fear if what others will think of our action.  In a meditation White Eagle takes us through a process of aligning and listening to our heart and our soul.

Morning Mediation – A 20 minutes meditation for you to wake up and listen to whenever you want a guided meditation to help you create your day.

Opening the Doors to Your Heart – In this meditation you will learn how unlimited your soul is.  Vibrate at your soul’s level.

Opening Your Greatest Gift – This mediation will assist you in rising up to the occasion and the needs in this world by embracing your gifts and greatness in ways you would never have imagined possible.

Personal Power – Fully express your awakening!  Your inner mentor will remind you of your strength and your greater co-creative force.

Physical Detoxification with Spiritual Energy Follow White Eagle as he leads you through a multi-phased process of clearing: atomic and cellular, bacteria and parasites, metals, poisons and chemicals, and finally spiritual attachments. It is suggested you do this process weekly for the first month, then monthly for health and maintenance.

Potential & Flow – White Eagle helps you get to a place where you are able to connect to the universal flow and then live in the flow of life every day.

Qualities of Character – Building character: Strengthening the 5 qualities of character.

Releasing Sorrow & Darkness –  Forgiveness is the door way out of sorrow, grief and sadness.  In this meditation you will bring light into your life in order to transform the sorrow into forgiveness.

Releasing Stress –This meditation helps you release the stress caused in your body due to your belief systems.

Remember Who You Are – White Eagle does an initiation that will take you to the next level in your life.  Remember who you really are so you can be the master of yourself and of your soul.

Self Healing and Ultra Healing Space – Discover the glorious and abundant you for the purpose of joyful health.

Solar Lunar Initiation –This is an initiation done on the solstice and lunar eclipse in December of 2010.  It is a powerful meditation for all times.

Strengthening Your Electromagnetic Field – Create an opening to the heart, the third eye and the soul. We all need a stronger electromagnetic field with all the electronic pollution in our world.

Transformation to Manifest Divinity White Eagle uses the energies of the 2012 shift to help move you out of ordinary existence in duality and struggle, through a level of transformation into your manifest divinity.  Feel your inner illumination grow so that you aren’t just creating your own reality, but are helping to create a grander reality for all.

Violence and Stress – Don’t hate violence! The opposite side of the spectrum is peace, oneness, support and goodness.  Change the world in your way to increase oneness and peace while decreasing violence.

White Brotherhood Healing Team – White Eagle channels an uplifting meditation that brings the essence of joy to your mind, body and spirit. His energies carry you effortlessly into high frequencies of light as a way to unburden yourself, then shine your illumination onto your future and the world. You deeply experience the love that White Eagle transmits from the Great White Brotherhood. In 25 minutes you can feel completely transformed, time and time again. The original music was composed for White Eagle.


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