Monthly Meditation Information: Our monthly subscriptions are released once a month and will not always come out early in the month.  Jonette will do them on the spot at powerful times or at powerful places. Starting in 2017 you also get 2 more Mark meditations!

"These (monthly meditations) are truly amazing and are opening up whole worlds of possibility and hope within. It's all beginning to feel more real and accessible now.  I'm still in awe of it all and don't know where it's taking me. I just trust and keep going."    Ruth, United Kingdom

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February —Transcendent Re-organizing Principal - This Activation from the Star Elders is a major transmission that reorganizes all levels of self beginning with our atoms. We surrender into our heart’s intentional field. We are powerfully lifted to our next level, experiencing what it truly means to be ‘high.’ Leave yourself at least an hour to integrate after the meditation.

Transformational Consciousness - Part I: "The Sage” Class 8:  This begins the total Transformation to the highest level -- actually living as a Teacher of Truth. Your inner self becomes highly developed and clarified in the processes of this spiritual training course. The Sage focuses on first opening your own wisdom and compassion. You will work with forgiveness, courage, and open.

Transformational Consciousness - Part II:  "The Magician” Class 1: After The Sage you are ready to really learn the vibrational skills of the Magician: manifesting, healing, synchronicity and other magic. You will recognize and raise your own vibration then use that skill for healing, intuition, more manifesting and playing with the true magic of the world. You are at the threshold of so many gifts as you understand spiritual magic.

12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening

12 gifts for advanced spiritual awakeningThis 12 meditation series will help to facilitate the awakening of your spiritual gifts. It includes powerful one-of-a-kind processes, initiations and lessons to awaken our knowing, clairvoyance, soul traveling, and healing abilities. At the more advanced levels you’ll play with astral projection, navigating in Dream Time, reading the Akashic records.  This is a year of rapid expansion. This series will help us make the most of it, anchoring even the highest cosmic principles into our daily life. CLICK here for ALL 12 or see below of individual meditations. Trusting Your Inner Compass – Click here for this single meditation; Updating Your Merkabah / Light Body – Click here for this single meditation; Cosmic Battery and Personal Clearing of Entities and Implants - Click here for this single meditation; Energy Clearing Places and the Astral Planes - Click here for this single meditation; Golden Alchemy Initiation - Click here for this single meditation; Mediumship - Click here for this single meditation; Past Life Exploration & Healing - Click here for this single meditation; Cosmic Alignment - Click here for this single meditation; The Temples of Venus—  Opening of the Sacred Heart - Click here for this single meditation; Australian Dreaming – Click here for this single mediation; Lemurian Reconnection – Click here for this single mediation; Meeting the Ascended Masters – Click here for this single mediation.