Monthly Meditation Information: Our monthly subscriptions are released once a month and will not always come out early in the month.  Jonette will do them on the spot at powerful times or at powerful places. Starting in 2017 you also get 2 more Mark meditations!

"These (monthly meditations) are truly amazing and are opening up whole worlds of possibility and hope within. It's all beginning to feel more real and accessible now.  I'm still in awe of it all and don't know where it's taking me. I just trust and keep going."    Ruth, United Kingdom

August's Subscription: Click here to subscribe


August’s Subscription - 
Cosmic Alignment—Opening Portals for Deep Reflection. Recorded on the lunar eclipse of August 7, we use the alignment of heavenly bodies to align ourself to the cosmos; opening portals of clarity and self-empowerment. We look closely at ourself, reflect on both our shadow and our light. Asking questions. Finding answers that lift us to our highest possible future.


‘MARK’s’ Portals of Power - Part III: "Initiation Into Power” Class 4 & 5: We are still learning the awesome nature of the 6th dimension, while doing some of the most advanced consciousness work on the planet. This course is the culmination of the last 6 classes. You will blend with Cosmic Intelligence and the Masters of Matter itself! You will learn to flip yourself and your environment from force to power. The graduation is an alignment with the Earth where true power is granted to us.


2017 Subscription 

12 Gifts for Advanced Spiritual Awakening

To support us in this Year of Awakening our 2017 monthly meditations (available by subscription) will be a 12-month program to facilitate the awakening of our spiritual gifts. This includes powerful one-of-a-kind processes, initiations and lessons to awaken our knowing, clairvoyance, soul traveling, and healing abilities. At the more advanced levels we’ll play with astral projection, navigating in Dream Time, reading the Akashic records and anything else that the Universe wants to give us in this pivotal year.

This is a year of rapid expansion. This subscription series will help us make the most of it, anchoring even the highest cosmic principles into our daily life.

Trusting Your Inner Compass – Click here for this single meditation.

Updating Your Merkabah / Light Body – Click here for this single meditation.

Cosmic Battery and Personal Clearing of Entities and Implants - Click here for this single meditation.

Energy Clearing Places and the Astral Planes - Click here for this single meditation.

Golden Alchemy Initiation - Click here for this single meditation.

Mediumship - Click here for this single meditation.

Past Life Exploration & Healing - Click here for this single meditation.

Last Years Series: Personality Upgrade Modules

Are your personality blocks keeping your spirit from soaring? These 5 processes, part of our 2016 monthly series, ensure that your personal growth and emotional health keep up with your spiritual growth. You release negativity, self-criticism, jealousy, guilt, self-sabotage and more. You build patterns of self-love and being in the flow of abundance. Click here to order this FULL audio package.