White Eagle on Compassion

copyright Jonette Crowley 2008

Let us talk a little bit about creating our own reality…everyone does, yet it is a joint creation.  It is not you all by yourself that creates everything you experience. It’s humanity as a whole…so you cannot always isolate your creation from the creation of the community, the creation of the economy.  So sometimes people take too much responsibility for the creation and they forget that it’s a joint creation and you all are connected.

Your great compassion can be a double edged sword.  You feel compassionate in a beautiful way for everything…you feel sometimes the pain of mother earth…you feel the pain of poverty in Africa…and the way it becomes a double edged sword is when you feel the pain…rather than know the pain and not feel it…not attach to drama…either your drama where you might feel the pain of a currency collapse or feel the pain of your house not selling.  Observe those contingencies without feeling the pain.

An this is always the lesson of the naturally compassionate ones…that there are two things that happen for a person like you who are naturally compassionate.  One, they harden and put up armor because it is too tough…two, they take the challenge and move to a place where there is a thin veil between you and what you are compassionate about…so that you observe it, you love it, you see it, you are aware, but you don’t jump into the soup of the drama.  That is the part that you are…because ion the past you have put up the barrier and it became heavy armor…and you, kind of in a fit of growth or rage…you just said, shoot this doesn’t work…I don’t like hiding behind me…I don’t even know who I am.

An so you had a great epiphany…and it might not have been sudden…it might have been over a number of years where you decided that the armor strategy doesn’t work and you are going to try the much more vulnerable strategy of actually feeling.  But now, the opportunity is to not feel and still be aware.  Do you understand?  So that is where you are at, you have dropped the armor and have been in the vulnerable part…and you are now testing the waters of this…and your spiritual work with Mark…and your own spiritual work is helping because you are learning how to connect with love but not with emotion.

connecting with love, but not with emotion.  It is an interesting idea.

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