White Eagle on Service, Censorship and the US Election

White Eagle on Service:

“You serve the world best by focusing on your own growth and then offering it to the world, giving and receiving it at the higher dimensions. You serve least well by filling your minds with lots of different beliefs, because they’re interesting. It is fine, but don’t let all the different beliefs take you off the track of your own energy. Use your rational mind as a collector, but it doesn’t organize, it just takes things in. Let your spirit organize what your mind collects.”


White Eagle on Censorship, the day after the US Presidential Election:

“None of you do well censored. Whether you’re censored because you believe it is safer, or out of habit, or for fear of your own greatness, this is time for all censorship to be thrown aside. It doesn’t matter if the censorship is self- or other- imposed. The greater is self-imposed censorship. Humans have been their own jailors and have disenabled themselves to dream big.


“It is a historic time now with the new US president-elect. It will give permission for ordinary people all over the world to cast their eyes higher. People have been looking at the ground for too long. Energetically a great deal happened yesterday. Hope opened up. And it’s much beyond this man. It is not that he can change the world, but if the world believes it can be changed, then one man can be a symbol of it. There are many people stepping up to an uncensored leadership.

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  1. scientificleader on December 9, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    I like White Eagle’s comment on service. I’d like to add the word “voluntary” to last segment, as in “voluntarily offer it to the world, giving and receiving it at the higher dimensions”.

    That’s the key difference between genuine, Gandhi-style leadership and that of the ruling class. The politicians, Obama included, take people’s livelihood and growth at the barrel of a gun, and do with it what they like often against their will. I think no politician can help us cast our eyes higher – we need to look to real leaders who create value and a better life for our species without violence and theft.

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