White Eagle on the Goddess Energy

Let’s talk about the Goddess for a moment. It is a misnomer to think it is the female aspect of God, that it is just another side of the male. It is not. The Goddess energy is the Void, is the energy of the space of All-that-is. Originally God was energy…stuff… particles and waves, light, sun… Goddess is the space, the context, the universe through which the energy or God moves. Goddess is first. So Goddess is not a feminine aspect of God. It is another element entirely. It is the field, un-manifest.


Question: Could you say that God is the active part and Goddess is the inactive part?


Yes, however, once you compare it to the active and the non-active, it seems like it is part of that same God, and it isn’t. It is true it is inactive… … this is a fine delineation that we don’t expect all people to understand. So they understand the feminine aspect as the being aspect, and the doing aspect as God. However, being has always been given a second seat to doing. What is so is the space, the void, the non-manifest, holds much more than the manifest. The Goddess is so much more than the manifest. The Goddess is so much more than God. So, yes the metaphors are true and Goddess is more. Goddess is all the rules of the universe. It is all the possibilities. It is all the dimensions. It is the many worlds. It is every possibility. Once God is manifest as light and energy, all the other potentials collapse. Goddess is all the uncollapsed potentials. So the Goddess energy isn’t even Goddess and it isn’t even energy, it is space. But metaphors and personifications are very important in human understanding. Humans personified everything and in that they lost their God. God personified cannot hold God reality. Humans personified cannot hold God.


(Jonette’s note: It is important here not to get hung up on God as male and Goddess as female. It might be easier to think as God 1–energy and matter: God 2 –as the field of possibilities.)


God and Goddess should work together, not fighting for control and not fighting to be rebalanced. Sometimes feminists fight in a masculine way to regain balance. That isn’t the way it’s done. You cannot have goddess-ness push, because it does not push. It is the space. People wonder why feminism and goddess-work sometimes fail. It is because they’re using masculine approaches, which already obscures their vision. The vision is difficult: from a masculine world it’s impossible to see the goddess-world. Beause the masculine world gives you all your filters, you can only see a masculinized goddess or personified goddess. Yet goddess is unmanifest. She doesn’t want to be manifest, that’s not her job. So manifesting the goddess is wrong too.


  1. Melanie R. on December 26, 2008 at 3:43 am

    I participate in the Mark Group and White Eagle’s monthly meditations and often do not have any heat/vision/auditory….. sensations like everyone else reports . I do not have to come back into my body as Jonette guides everyone to do; I never seem to leave, but I do find this big “space” that I love to be in. It feels the same in almost every meditation. Is this the Goddess space I wonder, or am I just blocked from what the others are experiencing?

  2. ellen on December 13, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    This was really something new on this topic. I will certainly ponder upon it and bring it into forums where theese questions arise.
    By the way, some beautiful Elves-Card channelled and made in UK has a similar way of describing God/ess-sence :-))

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