White Eagle on the New Decade

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010


White Eagle – Questions and Answers

Blessings great ones, this is White Eagle.

We are so pleased to be invited to christen you at the beginning of this decade. We’d like to say a few words about these times now, and about you. You have been prepared like a crystal vessel, a crystal bowl. The crystal bowl is not just a vessel for the light that’s within it, or the sound that comes from it. It is in itself a matrix of perfection. The crystalline energies of Earth have been radicalized in a way that has moved humanity quite far from the harmony that humanity was born to carry. There will be, and is being a refurbishing, or a recreation of the crystalline structure in your cells and in your light body. You are truly on the nexus of a rebirth into a trans-dimensional human. The energies of 2010, for many will feel swirling, but the thing about the energies of swirling, or rotating, or spiraling, is that there’s always a place of centeredness, there’s always a place of stillness.  You can choose to be out on the outer edges of the swirl, or of the vortex, where there’s a great deal of movement and change, like being on a roller coaster, or you can come in to the tighter more concentrated circles or spirals of the swirl, where the change doesn’t seem so great, the movement doesn’t seem so drastic, but the changes are indeed as fast. They are more concentrated and less visible, or you can be in the center of the swirl. The changes don’t seem like they’re happening at all, yet the concentration of the change is so strong in the center that there is no experience of change or growth.

In many of the exercises you do with Mark, you have an experience of not much, and you may think, well nothing changes. My life is the same. The world is the same, but the fastest growth is in the eye of the storm, in the center of the swirl, in the center of the vortex.  2010 is a very spiraling year. You can choose your position, whether it’s the outer lanes of the racetrack, the inner lanes or the center.  Just remember that you have that choice, and there are pros and cons about any of the positions you take up.

The crystalline energy of 2010 is more magnetic than has ever been seen before. The magnetic crystalline nature of 2010 is like a wireless internet. The magnetic nature is a continuous download and upload of data, knowledge, wisdom, but silently, so the magnetic nature of the crystalline structure opens up to more accessibility.  In today’s experience with Mark, you felt that open, cosmic, quantum accessibility. That’s going to be a hallmark of this year for those of you who notice such things.

Your world in particular will have less polarity in it this year, less black and white, and many more shades of gray. The beauty of that is that you cannot make decisions on preconceived notions of, this is what I do when it’s black, this is what I do when it’s white. There needs to be more consciousness, conscientiousness, and awareness applied by you to the things that you used to be oblivious to, the things where you didn’t apply any awareness, because if it was black you did this, if it was white, you didn’t. Well, those strategies of unconsciousness will not work anymore, and will backfire more often. The value of it is that in the shades of gray, is the unfolding of the wealth and richness of the Universe that you couldn’t see when you were stuck in polarity, so polarity in its rigidity makes things easy, because you don’t have to be so awake.  As you awaken, polarity will make your awakened life very uncomfortable.

Choose to be conscious of the small things that you ignored before. Apply consciousness, which is just awareness. It is awareness, to those habits, those beliefs that before, you just skimmed over those thoughts, so that you are more aware about the little choices, the little decisions in your life.

You have gained great skills and awareness in your travels with Mark, and 2010 is a time to apply those awakened skills, those lights, to the breaking down of polarity, and the opening up of conscious awareness in all the little spaces of your life. When you do this, you will notice it’s so much easier to walk in other people’s shoes. It will be so much more natural to be compassionate, because the boundaries between you and other people are more fluid. There’s not the polarity of this is me, this is you. It is more fluid, so it will be easier without effort to be compassionate, because you will not think as if you are you. You will think as if you are them.

This first quarter of this year will be a good time for you.  We’re not going to use the word rethink, we’re going to say un-think your strategies for life.  This is where you take off the mental overlay, the linear, rational, reasonable overlay that you have, the filter that you have, in all your decisions, communications, and thinking.  When you un-think that, you release that mental structure, and allow the much more baby fresh, spontaneous, emotional, spiritual structure to be the surface, to be that, where you meet the rest of the world.  It’s a challenge to be less mental, structured, thinking, reasonable, but we invite you to calmly step below that mental structure, and the safety it brings.  Say, “What’s my spirit’s say, what’s my spirit’s truth”.  Your mental structure is your societal programs, your cultural norms, but below that, in what you feel, what your spirit says, that can’t be programmed, because it’s much more in the moment.  You will build yourself, your own personal trust, and your own personal strength by going to that soft, fresh, underlying layer of the emotional, spiritual, now part of you, because that cannot be programmed or influenced by others.

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