White Eagle Q&A on World Peace

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010


White Eagle – Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  How can we best contribute to the world peace?

WHITE EAGLE:  The Miss America question. We’ve always liked that tiara, but it doesn’t go well with our feathered bonnet. The best and only significant contribution you can make to world peace is what you do now when you gather, and what you do when you don’t gather, but you gather virtually. When you bring your soul, your spirit, your wisdom, your uncertainty to these higher dimensions, you are opening the gateways for peace. Peace is the nature and essence of God. Peace is the nature and essence of the Universe. It’s just been obstructed in its clear flow to the human experience, so as you open the gateways of your own soul, you are opening the clear and unending flow of peace to humanity. You are not just light workers, you are peace holders, and you are not just opening the gateways to peace, you are creating the structure of peace in a human body that then becomes communicated to human bodies everywhere. You know genes change. They are not just a genetic imprint that stays the same from the moment you are conceived, and you are through the peacefulness of your developed spirit, creating an actual DNA genetic change in the peacefulness quotient of mankind.

QUESTION:  One time I got, in a fortune cookie, a little piece of paper, and I’m making this comment to Jonette’s question about peace, and how we can be part of the peace.  It said, “Be the change you want to see”, and maybe that’s what we need to do is be the peace. Start with ourselves, be the peace that we want to see, or hold a space for, for the planet, for all of us.

WHITE EAGLE:  That is the same thing as what we said earlier, which is, act as if.  Act as if you’re peaceful, act as if you are a Master, act as if you are already one with the earth, and you wouldn’t worry about waves under the continental shelves that way. It is very dissonant to worry, because you cannot be the peace or the change you wish if you worry, because who would wish for worry.

QUESTION:  On that note of “be the peace” and “be the change” you want to be, can you give us another hint, exercise, or something where we can “be the wealth”? We’re just so programmed for thinking work, money, hourly, and all that stuff.  I just want to break away from that.

WHITE EAGLE:  Very good question. The work, hourly, money thing still is the address of humanity’s consciousness right now.  Mark has used the concept, if you have this old shack, and you have this new mansion, but while the new mansion is being built, you’re moving your furniture from the old shack.  At the higher levels, money, hourly, work, effort, is not the way of spirit. It is the way of the earth to some extent, so we’re saying the la-la land is ok, but it’s not 100% at your best address right now. It is always important for humans to see wealth in all its aspects, not just financial. That helps break out of the financial fear, that the wealth of friendship, the wealth of health, the wealth of beauty, that is probably the best heart opening that will allow the wealth of freedom, the wealth of money to come in. Focusing on money has never really worked. Focusing on the purpose and the feeling for the money is much more leveraged. Doing too much work on your abundance issues is counterproductive. We want to say that again, because we think you all have so many books, and so many things where you’re working on your abundance issues. It is counterproductive.

A degree of discipline that is required by human beings, the discipline that says, eat well, exercise, pay your debts, and not just your financial debts, but your friendship and emotional debts.  All of you might look at reclaiming and clearing up your relationship to discipline, because for many of you have determined that discipline equals punishment.  Discipline, and we’re not talking about discipline as punishment, we’re talking about discipline as in, ok, I know I have to get this done. I’ll do it by noon. Some sort of holding yourself accountable, and because many of you have connected that kind of discipline and holding yourself accountable to punishment, you’ve a very sad and unhealthy relationship to discipline. If you see discipline as a way to organize time, space, and effort, to receive what you want, it will be a much healthier relationship, and the flow for abundance and ease will be there.  Look at your relationship to accountability, all of you. Look at your relationship to discipline, and make sure that it’s not a negative.  If it feels negative to make yourself do something, or to hold yourself accountable, then use different words. Say, I’m choosing to be responsible because this is my goal. That is an underlying relationship that’s often broken to some extent in all of you, no matter how prosperous and abundant you think you are, so take a look at that relationship, and make sure it’s not negative or heavy.

Thank you.

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