You are moving into the world of the rainbow tribes. The rainbow tribes are the star people who are awakened, who came like stardust upon this planet. The rainbow tribes are the seeds of the new awakening, and you are beginning to be those seeds. The more you do to let go of your identity, the more support you will garner. Star beings and star lineages, civilizations uncomprehensible to you, will become active in support. 

You are only beginning to understand telepathy, synchronicity, and  miracles: and you will find those words small, as descriptors, for the universe that opens. The rapidity of this change will take your breath away, and it’s only uncomfortable if you identify with who you were yesterday.  When you release that identification and be who you are at this moment – who you are as a cosmic self – the rapid change will be perfect.

 The rainbow tribes are gathering in consciousness. In your dreams, you may be asked to go to the meeting place of the rainbow tribes. If you are asked, know yourself to be honored. It is important in this time of personal change, that you step outside your daily grind and that you walk on Mother Earth. You breathe in the sun. You bundle up. You go out at night. You breathe in the stars and the moon, not just looking up at them through your window and your walls, or your cars.  

The rainbow tribes call you to your authenticity, to the truth of your core. The wise ones who have passed over are gathering in councils. The doors of the libraries of the Akasha are opening, and knowledge, deep knowledge, that has before been secret, is bubbling forth to you and ones like you. There is so much more reality beyond what you think is true. The gates are opening, the secrets revealed, and the secrets dear brothers and sisters, are more gates, and more doorways.

You are in high and holy hands. You don’t remember the interviews that brought you to this life, to this room, to this quest, but you aced every one, and you are here. Welcome to the quest of the rainbow nations.


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