Who Is Mark?

If you want to grow faster than your current spiritual tools can take you;
If you want a path where there is guidance and signposts, but no teacher or dogma;
If you yearn for spontaneous breakthroughs, but don't know how to get going.....
Then working with Mark's classes on tape may be just the answer!
A great way to introduce yourself to the wonders of Mark is to listen to the tapes in the order they were presented. Whenever you can listen to the tapes with another person, or small group, the power intensifies. WHAT DOES HE WANT US TO KNOW?
In answering the question for a student: "What are good things to know?" Mark expresses the essence of the work: "We feel that the best thing for you to know right now is the unlimited nature of your spirit or soul; that you are not limited by physical existence, personalities or your history. You can each as individuals operate in very multi-faceted dimensions beyond understanding.We want you to begin to believe in miracles, magic, the impossible, the unbelievable, the not-understandable, the improbably. We want mankind as much as possible to break through any barriers of thought."

I wish to serve
I wish to grow
I wish to know
What I need to know.

He sets up a complex energy formation encompassing each person present in a group or listening to a tape. This allows all of us to travel together no matter what our experience is. Mark transmits energy to stabilize the group and create the space for exploration of other dimensions. All of the power of the live group is contained and transmitted to people listening to the tapes.

He supports us in experiencing truth, and shows us that there are simple, practical skills we can use to improve all aspects of our spiritual and physical lives.

Mark guides us to experiences of our multi-dimensionality. We get clear demonstrations of our mastery. We break through the veils of human consciousness to accept new paradigms and encompass paradoxes.

He is a master at leading us beyond words and analysis to direct experience of major concepts, of ways of being. He doesn't just teach information. He takes us to where the question as well as the answer unfolds. In many ways, it is guided self-learning. That is why it is so powerful.

We follow his energy to the edges of consciousness and beyond. Yet Mark is a practical teacher, sharing tools for everyday life.

Mark has shown me over and over that I am a master when I accept that part of myself. Limitations are my choice and I can make new choices. With his powerful permission for multi-dimensionality, I have experienced breaking through the veils and knowing more and more that there are no real veils, no barriers, no limits to what I can experience and know. Solutions to complex world problems can be found by allowing and creating space for the energy of "Solution Beings" to show up. Because of what I am learning, I am profoundly excited and optimistic to be alive at this time of spiritual openings.

Regular "Mark Experience Groups" meet in Stockholm and Amsterdam. To find out about these meetings or if you wish to start your own "Mark Experience Group" in your area using Mark's Tapes, please email info@jonettecrowley.com for more information. Mark's energy is extremely powerful and works more profoundly as the physical size of the group expands.

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  1. ellen on December 13, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    The Mark Experience group in Oslo is not very big yet (8-10 members) but we have occacional visitors, and from the new year expecting at least 3 more regular members. The group is a strong one, we are very regular, allmost addicted :-)) The 21.dec we will have a special gathering to have a sun-equinox event, partly shamanic, partly for joy and celebration!

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