Actualization Alchemy - Part II

Actualization is a tipping point in manifesting our divinity on Earth. There is an acceleration in our spiritual growth at all levels as MARK guides us to embody our own radiant golden light. Personal alchemy brings us breakthroughs in our power, our thinking, our knowing, and our deep peacefulness. Together we journey through realms impossible to reach before.

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Actualization Classes

Class 1: New Frequencies are Activating

Part 1: Your Codes on Your Path of Destiny

Part 2:  A Space of Support

Class 3: Peace Council of Elders

Part 1: Peace Council of Elders

Part 2: Neutralizing Cyber Gateways 

Class 5: Training on Transmission

Part 1: General Broadcasting to Ukraine

Part 2: Broadcasting and Receiving

Class 7: Across the Threshold

Part 1: Jonette introduces Brad Johnson

Part 2: MARK: Supernatural Radiance

Class 2: Revealing You as Love

Part 1:  Through a passage to Un-ordinary Consciousness

Part 2:  Expand Love into ALL Life

Class 4: War and Peace with MARK & White Eagle

Part 1:  Channeling Shamballa to Earth

Part 2: White Eagle on War and Looking Inside

Class 6: Recrystallizing at Shamballa Level 2

Part 1: MARK on Karma and 7 Soul Groups

Part 2: Moving from Ego Choice to Soul Choice

Class 8: Be Thou Divine

Part 1: MARK: You as Spirit before Karma

Part 2: Being an Empath -  What is Enlightenment Now?

About the Series

Alchemy A 3-part MARK Channeled Series

Jonette and MARK take us to the edges of Consciousness and the edges of Time. In our multidimensionality we are sending ourselves out of this timeline to ride that meteor, to direct it into places on Earth that will have the greatest positive change. This series assists us with the transformation of form from the 11th dimension and beyond.

Alchemy Part I : Realization

Realization is the acceptance of a worldview that cannot be seen from our current perspective but must be leaped into, relinquishing all other world views. We are already hooking into the unseen, unexperienceable worlds that create or inform the world of matter.



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