"The Alchemist’s goal is to transform matter into that which is precious." - MARK

MARK takes us across the threshold, giving us new tools of Alchemy, the ability to transform ourselves and our physical world. The changes we’ve been waiting for are now in our own hands. We become our own ‘Magnus Opus’


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Transmutation Class

Names and Meditatation

Class 1:

Through Out the Sandbags

Part 1: Meditation: Join the Shamballa Orchestra

Part 2: Outside the paths of Karma


Class 3:

Quantum Sea of Beingness

Part 1: Attunements Beyond the Veil of Awareness

Part 2: Why We Do What We Do

Class 5:

A New Light Throughout Earth

Part 1: MARK Meditation

Part 2: Visit Your Inner Earth Tribe


Class 7:

Plasma Awareness

Part 1: The Vortex of Now, Pulled Out of Singularity (meditation)

Part 2:  I AM without 'I', MARK Q&A

Link to Aluna Joy's How We Walk through Dimensional Doors

Class 2:

Open to a Higher State of Aliveness

Part 1: MARK Meditation: Changing Who YOU Are

Part 2: Populating the Higher Dimensions

Class 4:

Be the Field of Dreams

Part 1: MARK Meditation: Outside of Time

Part 2: Questions for Your Shamballa Teams

Class 6:

Awakening Consciousness Breaks Through

Part 1: MARK Meditation: A Wild Card in Our DNA

Part 2: Beyond ‘I am Sorry’

Class 8:

Wholeness Transmutes You

Part 1: MARK: Wholeness of Fractals Beyond Time

Part 2: Set the Intention and the Universe Responds


Topic: Transmutation: Alchemy Part III
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  • Jul 25, 2022 12:00 PM
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