Supported Virtual Vision Quest with Grandmother Jonette

'Time Out of Time'
July 22-26 - 4-days/4 nights of fasting

Are you ready to know YOU?

In these times of rapid change, and deafening distractions it is vital to pause and come back to yourself, discovering—perhaps for the first time—your core essence. We follow the lead of native people everywhere, turning inside to chart our course and understand our nature. These July dates encompass the full moon, and the ‘Day out of Time,’ observed by the Mayans, Egyptians and many ancient cultures.


In the silence of a 4-day retreat, camping in nature (if possible), fasting except for water, you disengage from the outside world. Your monkey mind quiets. The stillness opens you to your higher self and the vast realms of spirit. You observe what emerges. You hear your deepest Truth. You Know what had been unknown.

Jonette will support you on the inner planes from her own 4-day vision quest in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She will be camping alone on ‘Grandmother Peak’ on Lakota Peak—a sacred place to the Lakota Sioux natives.

She will meet with those who are joining in your own 4-day vision quest twice before, to help you prepare, and once following, to assist you in processing what happened.


  • Thursday, July 22, eve of the full moon. You prepare your camp and enter into the silent retreat as you begin your water fast.
  • Friday, July 23, ‘Buck’ full moon. Full day of fasting, silence and contemplation.
  • Saturday, July 24. Continue deepening your meditation and prayer.
  • Sunday, July 25. Mayan ‘Day out of Time.’ Your 4th day of fasting and silence, allowing yourself to be beyond time.
  • Monday, July 26. Mayan ‘New Year.’ Give blessings this morning as you break camp and return changed to a life lived at a different level. Enjoy light food today.

The ‘Day Out of Time’:

July 25 is the end of the Mayan 13 moon calendar year, a ‘free-day’ needed to re-align the moon calendar with the solar year. July 26 begins the new solar year. We take four days ‘out of time’ to fast and to open our connection to the cosmos.


  • Must be private and alone.
  • Best to camp in nature, away from others.
  • Can sleep in a cabin or summer house if a tent isn’t possible.
  • Except when sleeping you should try to be outside.
  • If you must do this from your home, or a hotel room, there is still value in it.

Preparation and Support:

  • Preparatory group Zoom meeting— Friday, July 9, 10 am MDT/18:00 CEST
  • Blessings and special meditation— Tuesday, July 20, 10 am MDT/18:00 CEST
  • Prayers and support in spirit during your 4-day fast
  • Group debrief Zoom meeting- Thursday, July 29, 10 am MDT/18:00 CEST

Use the Meeting Links on the right sidebar. Meeting ID: 881 7917 2723
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