25 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

There is so much growth in the collective consciousness that even if we don’t try to grow-- we are being lifted. We seek spiritual growth to make our life better. We seek clarity, a path away from fear. We seek inner contentment. So how do you know it’s working?

Sometimes you notice these ‘Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.’ The biggest thing I see is less worry and less attachment to drama of any kind. I see more synchronicity in my life. Things simply flow better. But, there may be some big changes you have to go through first. Perhaps you need to let go of something or some pattern that has been holding you back. Perhaps you need to face that favorite emotion — anger, victim, insecurity… own it, love it, and move past it.

In these times we are supported in working through our greatest challenges! You are not alone!

This is a list compiled from many sources— including my own experiences— of changes we may experience as we increase our frequency and expand our consciousness to a more awakened state. 

"This is the time of emergence... awakening, a time of breaking through all old limitations. We entered the cocoon as a caterpillar and now it is time to burst free as a butterfly!"  -   Jonette


Physical Changes 25 Signs of Awakeinging
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Changes in sleep patterns and dreaming

  • waking up at 3:00 a.m.
  • needing more (or less) sleep
  • doing more meditation/energy work at night

Your Physical body feels like it is vibrating

  • the physical body is catching up with your harmonic resonance
  • cells feel electric or as if they are magnetically re-aligning
  • sensing a field of energy around your body

Noticeable changes with ears, nose & throat

  • nose and throat get sensitive and easily irritated
  • itching in the ears as they pick up subtle vibrations
  • ringing or buzzing in the ears

Brain changes

  • feel more ‘right-brained’ as new pathways develop
  • headaches, pain or pressure especially in the third eye
  • Feel ‘spacey’ or unconnected to your body

''Vibrational Flu"

  • low fever, accompanied by body aches (muscles and joints)
  • tiredness
  • physical body is adjusting to the changes

Changes in diet and weight gains or loss

  • don't eat as much
  • choose different foods than before
  • more easily give up foods that aren't good for you
  • give up drinking alcohol

Irregular heartbeat or heart palpitations

  • sudden heat that isn't a hot flash

More need for exercise and being outdoors

Physical awkwardness, clumsiness, dropping things



Consciousness Changes 25 Signs of Awakening
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Perception expands

  • sense orbs, beings, other dimensions
  • connect to inter-dimensional realities, different time/space
  • greater intuition and synchronicity
  • feel communications with animals and even plants

Time holes (wrinkles) —Things happen faster or slower than normal

  • lose time, forget what you are doing

Experience vast, abrupt, and unexpected shifts of consciousness and  acceleration of perception

The sensation that your life feels new and different

  • deep happiness or ‘uncaused well-being’
  • challenges are handled in new and better ways, with a wiser and more insightful attitude

Easily sense altered states of higher awareness

  • greater access to wisdom
  • greater healing abilities

Miracles become a natural and often repeated occurrence as one begins to visualize and then create positive and life-enhancing events

Greater psychic awareness of self and others

  • precognition, sensing discarnate entities like spirit guides or angels
  • receiving intuitive flashes of forgotten childhood events or even former lifetimes

Integration of other aspects or personality projections from your own past  and future lives

Your senses Intensify

  • Seeing new and very brilliant colors in familiar items such as flowers, leaves, the sky
  • Hearing new sounds at higher and lower frequencies than your normal range of hearing

Electrical appliances, computers, cell phones, cars, etc.

  • unusual and unexplainable problems when you are around
  • many times they fix themselves

Manifestation of many things happen much faster (Be Careful What You Think)



Emotional Changes 25 Signs of Awakening
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Difficulty coping with relationships (family, friends, home or work environments)

  • need to change relationships that haven't been working

Sudden episodes of confusion: anxiety, fears, crying, or turbulent emotions

  • you may be clearing past karmic emotions
  • experience emotions from the collective that aren't yours

 Feeling emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually stronger and clearer

  • more forgiving
  • less need for drama or over attachments
  • fewer fears, guilt, or worry

Undesirable habits and emotions may fall away while new skills and abilities may appear, and new interests may arise.


Good Luck on your spiritual journey.  Please remember to always use your own intuition to decide if a symptom is from energetic changes or if there is an underlying medical condition.

About Jonette

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Jonette is an Internationally known Channel, Spiritual Teacher, and best-selling Author.  She is a modern-day shaman and has been initiated as a 'Grandmother' in the Native American tradition. Known as a 'Spiritual Indiana Jones', Jonette has traveled to over 80 countries and leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe.

With the help of her Spirit Guides, MARK and White Eagle, Jonette creates on-line and in-person Experiential Workshops to explore the higher dimensions of quantum consciousness.

Founder of the Center for Creative Consciousness and the author of the award-winning book "The Eagle and the Condor" and Soul Body Fusion®, the Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond.

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