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Free Classes, Meditations, Videos and Interviews

Free 'MARK' Classes including Meditations

Join Jonette and her Cosmic Guide 'MARK' in a series of classes expanding the limits of Human Consciousness. Listen to a sample of MARK's work. We have provided complimentary audio from the 1st class of every 'MARK' Course.

Dancing Through Dimensions Videos

Jonette introduces her 'Dancing Through Dimensions'

Dancing Through Dimensions is a 5-hour video course that provides an energetic roadmap for exploring higher states of consciousness and experiencing multi-dimensionality.

Soul Body Fusion® Transmission and Videos

Soul Body Fusion®, the missing piece for healing and beyond...

Click here to get a Free Soul Body Fusion® Transmission from Jonette and watch other Soul Body Fusion® Videos and Interviews.

Consciousness Update Videos

Enjoy Free update videos to Uplift Your Consciousness published each month

The Consciousness Updates are a series of monthly videos by Grandmother Jonette that provide guidance and insights on the spiritual and energetic shifts happening in the world.

Uncharted Realms - Part 2: Purification

Purification —The next step in moving on to transcendence… is cleansing old patterns, attachments & limitations.

Jonette channels MARK as we open the Golden Door to the 12th Dimension

Select Mondays October 2nd - December 4th

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