Tibet Tour Virtual Package


Experience the Mystical Tibet tour as if you were there!

Get the benefits of the tour virtually and energetically with this  audios, photo, and videos of the initiations, meditations, activations, channelings, and energy activities from Jonette’s 19-day spiritual adventure tour in September 2018

Virtual Tibet

Meditations from the Mystical Tibet Spiritual Tour

Be part of this magical journey…Share in the mystical energy of this sacred place

If you missed our September 2018 tour to Tibet... Don't worry, you can still experience this consciousness-expanding spiritual adventure.

Before each meditation, Jonette set the intention to allow those listening to be a part of the original group's energy matrix. So now through the audio recording, videos, and photos, you can virtually travel to:

  • The monasteries, temples, palaces, and hermitages where ancient energies been stored for thousands of years.
  • Access the Stargate under Mount Everest during the Himalayan Heart Activation
  • Be a virtual pilgrim on a kora around Mt Kailash one of the world's sacred places, called the Crown Chakra of Mother Earth.
  • Be of service to the world while gaining personal wisdom, clarity, and joy!


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