The 12th Dimension Transcendence

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Please join us in our final ascent


The 12th Dimension

We are at the last dimension before Enlightenment. I invite all of you, whether you are new to MARK, or even new to spiritual growth, to join us in this field of Transcendence.

- Grandmother Jonette

It has taken 34 years of channeling MARK to move through the first 11 dimensions of human consciousness. We are now entering the final level that can be understood from an individual’s perspective—the 12th dimension.

The 12th Dimension is a completion of cycles…

♒️  12 signs of the zodiac
🌗 12 hours of night and day
🗓️ 12 months before a new year
🏛️ 12 gates to the Temple of Jerusalem

According to legends, there are 12 Sun Discs hidden energetically in Earth’s power places, that when fully activated awaken our twelve-stranded DNA and open the door for all to live in a higher reality.

There is no 13th Dimension… after the 12th, the 12 become One and we have moved from separation to Unity Consciousness.

Uncharted Realms Compass

Uncharted Realms - Part 1: Preparation

New MARK channeled 12th Dimension Series
8 classes, recorded June 26 - Aug 28, 2023

Watch free - Class 1: "You Are a Generator for Enlightenment"

Uncharted Realms Part 1: Preparation

Summary of the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness

This is an experiential map of dimensions, a road map for exploring higher states of consciousness. It does not follow a scientist’s understanding of dimensions. All dimensions exist simultaneously and are infinitely related.

We have divided them into slices that can be learned and experienced. Each dimension includes the attributes of all lower dimensions.

1st - 3rd Dimensions

Physical Existence; Time & Space

Video #2

4th Dimension

Waves, Energy and Light

Video #2

5th Dimension

Geometry, Symbols and Codes

Video #2

6th Dimension

Magnetic Consciousness: Power vs Force

Video #3

8th Dimension

Quantum or God Consciousness

Video #4

7th Dimension

Holographic Consciousness

Video #3

9th Dimension

Multiple Simultaneous Realities

Video #4

10th Dimension

Relativity: Universal Connectivity
The Space Between

Video #5

12th Dimension


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Join us in exploring the Uncharted Realms

Part 1: Preparation

8 classes, recorded June 26 - Aug 28, 2023.

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Preparation: Part 1

In our first steps into the 12th Dimension, our identification with linear, 3-D consciousness will immediately prove too small.  You’ll need to expand to choose new outcomes rather than keep selecting from old possibilities.


The vibratory rate of the Earth is also expanding, so preparation includes creating a more vibrant interconnectedness with Earth, nature, and other multi-dimensional beings.

No experience necessary! Whether or not you've already explored the first 11 dimensions, you can still take part in the transformative 8-week course, Uncharted Realms Series, Part 1: Preparation and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Learn More and Watch the Videos

The Bridge to the 12th Dimension expands your journey through the higher gates of Ascension, continuing through the 11th Dimension called Shamballa Consciousness. In addition, Jonette will give her insights into Transcendence, the 12th Dimension, which is about Completion…the last cycle before a massive rebirth. This prepares us for the next MARK Series, Uncharted Realms and  supports everyone in this epic time of accelerated consciousness. She shares the importance now of doing your own 21 day Soul Body Fusion® Challenge to prepare your body to hold the highest frequencies possible.  Jonette ended with a powerful energy transmission: “The Physicalization of Spirit."
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An Explorer's Guide to Quantum Universe

Dancing through Dimensions

Dancing Through Dimensions

An Explorer's Guide to the Quantum Universe

This 5-hour Video Course is a summary of my nearly 3 decades of exploration research into the worlds beyond the physical realm.  In 1989, MARK, a cosmic spirit, came through me with a mission to help guide the evolution of mankind by bridging the gap between dimensions unknown.  This course is foundational to understanding our multi-dimensional universe!

This Powerful Course Includes:

Explanation—You’ll understand how the first 10 dimensions (1) fit together, giving you a map of the higher worlds. Jonette explains how you can recognize and sense each dimension.


Experience— Jonette channels MARK to bring you experiences of the higher planes. You’ll feel God Consciousness, being holographic, the zero point and quantum void. You’ll know what it is like to expand into quantum potential, tasting multiple simultaneous dimensions. Finally, you’ll experience the complex oneness of the 10th dimension— Relativity.


Updating Your Consciousness— Your reality is a reflection of the state of your consciousness. Every time you experience these higher dimensions clearly and concisely, the very structure of your consciousness evolves. You expand your ability, giving birth to your multi-dimensionality and all the miracles the Universe now has to offer you!


Video #1

Introduction Exploring Our MultiDimensional Nature

An introduction to Jonette's 30+ years of experiential research into the higher dimensions of consciousness and where we are now in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

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Video #2

Understanding the Road Map The first 5 Dimensions

The first five dimensions involve the time/space of our physical existence. In the 3rd Dimension, Jonette leads us through a Soul Body Fusion® transmission, to ground us and allow us to experience the physicality much more fully.

In the 4th Dimension, we experience MARK's Atomic Accelerator, a meditation to create harmony in order to accelerate our personal vibrations.

In the 5th Dimension, we receive an activation of sacred geometry and codes— all rapidly lifting us to a much higher level of being!

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Video #3

6th and 7th Dimensions Magnetic and Holographic Consciousness

In the 6th Dimension, we move beyond doing into being, feeling the power of magnetism, rather than using force.

The 7th Dimension or Holographic Consciousness takes us into non-local awareness, breaking us permanently out of the limitation of a singular perspective.

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Video #4

8th and 9th Dimensions Quantum Consciousness and Simultaneous Realities

In the 8th Dimension, we take our awareness beyond space and time, experiencing the quantum void or still-point.

In the 9th Dimension, we experience a space of infinite possibilities. Here we are truly multidimensional beings, accessing any timeline, any knowledge, and manifesting any potential.

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Video #5

10th Dimension Universal Connectivity and Relativity

In the 10th Dimension, we begin to fully realize the interconnectedness of everything through all time. We expand to experience ‘the space between’, where the relationships, not the objects, become fundamental. This worldview propels us out of everything we have ever known. It is the next step in being a multidimensional human.

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Video #6

Wrap Up Audience Interaction

Learn how the studio audience experienced these higher dimensions and compare their reactions to what you got. Begin to feel into how this will impact your life.

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11th Dimension Shamballa Consciousness

In the 11th Dimension, we enter the realm of indivisibility and wholeness where we and the Masters intersect. The space is akin to the higher dimensional fields you can experience at power places where the veils are thin. We move beyond form into our etheric self, where no burdens can be carried from the past.
Our consciousness is given a template for being embodied yet having access to the great mysteries. Our awareness expanded far beyond our previous limitations.
Our 3-year exploration of the 11th Dimension occurred after the Dancing through Dimensions Series. If you are interested in learning more about Shamballa Consciousness. We always provide the first class of each MARK course for Free.  Here is a link to listen to Class 1 or purchase the course for the  four 11th Dimension series: Shamballa Consciousness, Essence of Shamballa, Alchemy and Multidimensional Healing. 11th Dimension: Shamballa Consciousness

Being universal is moving from knowing to being knowing. This interconnection, this universality is intertwined with you. You will never lose it. You experience the presence of greater consciousness in your life. When your presence changes, your perspective changes, and that changes your life.


Preparation: Part 1 of Uncharted Realms

8 classes, recorded June 26 - Aug 28, 2023.

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