How do I find My Account 

Note, once you are logged in you should stay signed in when you are on our site but that depends on your personal device and cookie settings.


How do I know if I have an account

If you have purchased anything from our website in the past, you had the option to create an account or continue as a guest

  • To see if you have an account. Fill out the Register section if you are in our system you will get a pop-up saying: "Error: An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in"
  • If you did not define a User Name your email address will be your User Name, this can not be changed.
  • If you do not remember your User Name, Email us at with 'Request User Name' as the subject line. Do not make a new account as accounts cannot be combined.

How do I know if I am Logged in to my Account?

Once you log in you will usually stay logged into your account when you are on our site. Although this can depend on your individual computer 'cookie' settings.

  • The Account Login screen with display Hello with your name and you will see your dashboard tabs. If not, you will see a Login or Register option.
  • If you are in our Store, the checkout screen will auto populate with your information. If not, you will see an option "Returning Customer? Click here to login"
  • Click here to view screenshot of the above.

How do I reset my Password

  • If you have an account and do not know the password, use the blue "Lost your password?" link on the bottom of the Login section on the left side.  You will be emailed a link to reset your password.
  • If you do not get a password reset within 30 minutes and you have checked your junk and bulk folders, then let us know and we can reissue you a password.

Choosing a Password

A strong password is required. A minimum of 12 characters using upper & lower case letters, numbers and symbols (i.e. ! " ? $ % ^ &)

Your Account Dashboard

Understanding Your Account:

  • Your account is controlled by you. For security reasons, we cannot view or access your account.  We are here to help but most actions must be initiated by you.
  • Remember, since the automatic billing is done on the 6th of the month, and Jonette usually hasn't recorded the meditation by then, the current month's meditation WILL NOT be included on these auto-generated emails. 
  • As always, you will receive this email notification when the meditations are released.
  • Your account will only show Monthly Meditations since October when we started this upgraded system.
  • Your account will have a record of your previous purchases. Downloads that were available at the time of purchase will be shown in your order history. Products which included future downloads (MARK classes, pre-orders, virtual tours, and past meditations) are NOT included. 

Accessing Your Meditations:

You can access your meditations in the Account Dashboard under the Download Tab

Each MP3 will have a direct download link


Link to the password protected webpage (this is the same link we provide you in your monthly email)

  • These links and pages have expiration dates please be sure to download the audios to your personal device so you always have access.
  • Your subscription dashboard and Monthly Meditation downloads will only be available while your subscription is active.
screenshot account downloads

Canceling Your Subscription

You must cancel your subscription from your User Account

  • Your account is controlled by you. so you must initiate the process cancellation we cannot accept email requests to cancel.
    • the cancel option under My Subscriptions tab/ Action: Cancel
  • You can cancel at any time, however, automatic billing is done on the 6th of the month so you must cancel prior to that day to avoid charges.
  • Once your cancellation time period has ended you will not be able to access your meditations- Please download to your device!. The period is usually the 6th of the month following your last payment
  • Unsubscribing for our email list will NOT cancel your subscription

If your Payment Transaction Failed

Disregard the message saying the product cannot be purchased. Your original subscription product is no longer available but you can pay for or renew your subscription.

Paying From Invoice

If your payment was not processed or you were issued you an invoice for manual payment. Your account will be automatically placed on hold until you make a payment.

  • Pay from the Invoice.  Click on the blue "Pay Now"  to be directed to the payment screen. 


  • This will bring you to our Checkout screen. Disregard message saying the product cannot be purchased. Your original subscription product is no longer available but you can renew your subscription!


  • Click on Complete checkout to renew your subscription and scroll to the bottom to update your credit card information.


  • You will receive notification of Order received click on "view the status of your subscription in your account" to access your meditations


Screenshot Pay from Invoice

You may pay an outstanding invoice by logging into your account dashboard - see below

Paying From Your Account Dashboard

Pay from your Dashboard.  If you have an outstanding payment due you can access the payment screen in the Orders tab by clicking on the Pay button.

Screenshot Pay from Dashboard

Update Your Credit Card from your account



Updating Your Credit Card in Your User Account (see above for paying from your invoice)

Update your credit card information in the Payment Methods tab then link the credit card to your Subscription. See below. 
If you updated your credit card information under the Payment Method tab you also MUST link it to your subscription by going to the My Subscription tab >Actions: Change Payment and choose the new credit card 
If you have an outstanding payment due, this will not process the payment, please see above for instructions.
screenshot update credit card

Updating Your Email Address

Your email address (and password) can be updated under the Account details tab.

Our website store software and our mailing lists are NOT currently connected.

If you change your email address you must update both your Account AND the Email list (see Update Your Preferences on the bottom of your emails)

Unsubscribing from our email list does not cancel your subscription, to avoid being charged you must cancel your subscription in your account dashboard.

You may update your email address under the Account details but Your User Name cannot be changed so if it was an email address it will the same even if you update the email address section.