Mount Shasta Virtual Tour


Experience the Secrets of Mount Shasta as if you were there!

Get the benefits of the tour virtually with this spectacular presentation of photos, audios, and videos of the initiations, meditations, activations, channelings, mini-seminars and energy activities over the summer solstice on the Mount Shasta!

 You will feel everything that we did…in fact, the energies get stronger as more people listen.

Virtual Mount Shasta

Meditations from The Secrets of Mount Shasta Tour

Together with the inner Earth beings of Telos, and the powerful nature spirits of the Mountain, we accomplished a shift in consciousness that moved us outside the matrix of limitations. The gates to the inner Earth were opened. We are forever re-structured and uplifted.

Tune in to the energies of this magical solstice retreat:

  • Feel the power of Fairy Falls and the beauty of Castle Lake
  • Learn movements and mudras to open and balance your energy
  • Feel your ‘solar heart’ become a winged sun-disc.
  • Connect with the Earth grid at Shasta’s sacred power places
  • Commune with the Sidhe, Lemurians and other inner Earth beings
  • Experience the joining together of all timelines, the past, present, and future
  • Hear what MARK channels about our world today.
  • Witness the emotional reunion as White Eagle returns to Jonette to welcome you to the Retreat of the White Brotherhood.

Before each meditation, Jonette set the intention to allow those listening to be a part of the original group's energy matrix. So now through the videos, audios, and photos, you too can uncover all the Secrets of Mount Shasta.

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