Mount Shasta Virtual Tour


Virtual Mount Shasta

Meditations from The Secrets of Mount Shasta Tour

Join us energetically…  Be part of this amazing journey…

Before each meditation, Jonette set the intention to allow those listening to be a part of the original group’s energy matrix. So now through the video and audio recordings, you too can uncover all the Secrets of Mount Shasta.

Follow along with the itinerary as the group:

  • Mediates near the purifying waters at the Headwaters, Fairy Falls and Castle Lake
  • Connects with mountain energies at Serenity Portal and Ascension Rock
  • Communes with the Sidhe and Lemurians at Fairy Ring and Telos Portal
  • Energetically join the group for a Solstice Ceremony and Initiation at Vision Ring
  • Integrate all that you have learned and become with a closing ceremony by Lake Siskiyou

Those who have virtually joined Jonette’s past adventures have felt a deep sense of connection during the meditations and activations but don’t worry if you can’t join in.  The energies continually get stronger as the downloads are watched and/or listened to – no matter how much time has passed.


  • Audios or Videos of all recorded channelings and meditations
  • Q&A and discussion sessions, plus mini-seminars by Jonette
  • Transcripts of channelings, if available
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

Note:  Recordings will be available mid-July 2019.  Since the majority of channelings will be conducted outside, we cannot guarantee the sound quality or that all of the mediations will be recorded.

Links may be downloaded a maximum of 10 times, downloads expire after 180 days